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Click Here for the Introduction to the Dolphin Attunement Journey.

Dolphin Attunement Transmission Dates
Dolphin Attunement 1, 2, 3 or 4
Dolphin Attunement 5, 6 or 7  

Unity-Community Calls

Signing up
Signing up for the Dolphin Attunement Journey
Refreshing a Dolphin Attunement  

General information
How we Schedule Dolphin Attunements
How to connect for the Dolphin Attunement transmission

Additional Sources of Support

Preparation Page Links
Before each of your Attunements, please read the preparation page for that Attunement:
Preparing for Dolphin Attunement 1

Preparing for Dolphin Attunement 2, 3 or 4
Preparing for Dolphin Attunement 5 or 6
Preparing for Dolphin Attunement

(If you're looking for the Star Attunements, that information is here.)


Transmissions for Dolphin Attunement 1, 2, 3 or 4

Saturday July 9, 2022 ~ 9 am Pacific Time *
Saturday September 10, 2022 ~ 9 am Pacific Time *
Saturday October 8, 2022 ~ 9 am Pacific Time *
Saturday November 5, 2022 ~ 9 am Pacific Time *
Saturday December 3, 2022 ~ 9 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

Receivers of Dolphin Attunements 1, 2, 3 or 4 participate together on the same day, in the same call.
This means that you can be receiving your second Attunement on the same call as someone else who is receiving her fourth Attunement.
To be clear, each of you is receiving one Attunement, whichever is next for you.
Dolphin will know which Attunement you're receiving.

Click here for everything you need to know before your 1st Dolphin Attunement.

Click here for everything you need to know before your 2nd, 3rd or 4th Dolphin Attunement.


Transmissions for Dolphin Attunement 5, 6, or 7

Saturday July 9, 2022 ~ 12:30 pm Pacific Time *
Saturday September 10, 2022 ~ 12:30 pm Pacific Time *
Saturday October 8, 2022 ~ 12:30 pm Pacific Time *
Saturday November 5, 2022 ~ 12:30 pm Pacific Time *
Saturday December 3, 2022 ~ 12:30 pm Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

The Fifth and Sixth Attunements are “biggies.
You'll likely notice a big upwards shift in what you receive, even beyond the experiences of the first four Attunements.
These are also the Attunements when Whale joins with Dolphin to transmit the Attunements!
You will want to create plenty of open time and space to “just be” after receiving your 5th or 6th Attunement.

The Seventh Attunement is “the biggie!” - the completion of the journey. 
In the Seventh Attunement, your human consciousness merges permanently with the dolphin consciousness.
You will emerge from your Seventh Dolphin Attunement a brand new being upon planet Earth. 
This Attunement is so powerful and profound, you’ll definitely want to allow plenty of open time and space to “just be” after receiving it.
Archie has told us that the integration of the Seventh Attunement never really ends, and that the value of receiving this gift continues well beyond this lifetime.

Click here for everything you need to know before your 5th or 6th Dolphin Attunement - including links to our favorite whale music recordings!

Click here for everything you need to know before your 7th Dolphin Attunement.


Upcoming Unity-Community Calls

Wednesday July 13, 2022 ~ 12 Noon Pacific Time *
Wednesday September 14, 2022 ~ 12 Noon Pacific Time *
Wednesday October 12, 2022 ~ 12 Noon Pacific Time *
Wednesday November 9, 2022 ~ 12 Noon Pacific Time *
Wednesday December 7, 2022 ~ 12 Noon Pacific Time *
*click the links to see the time in your local time zone

Our primary focus for these Unity-Community calls is to provide support and connection for those of you swimming through your Dolphin Attunement Journey. 
Of course, our beloved Starmates are also welcome!  

During these calls, we love hearing about ~ and celebrating! ~ the new perspectives, discoveries, choices, and conscious actions you are experiencing. 
This is also the place to bring any questions you have about the dolphins, or this journey, as well as requests for healing or support. 
All the while, we are nourished, nurtured, uplifted, and held in the warm, loving, and safe container that we, and Dolphin, co-create together.

Whether you're feeling great, or crummy, or somewhere in between as the time of the call approaches, please know ... 
We love you no matter what. 
This is a safe space. 
All is welcome here!

We usually schedule these on Wednesdays, but occasionally we need to move one to a Tuesday.
We use Zoom videoconferencing for these calls, so we can see each other as well as hear each other.

Click here 
for full connecting instructions.


Signing up for the Dolphin Attunement Journey

If you haven't yet received your First Dolphin Attunement, the information about that, and the link for the sign-up page, is here.
If you've received your First Attunement, and you're ready to sign up and select your payment arrangement for the rest of the Dolphin Attunement Journey, you can do that here.


Refreshing a Dolphin Attunement

Many of our podmates enjoy receiving specific Dolphin Attunements again from time to time, as a way to stay connected and current with the ever-expanding Attunement frequencies.
We call this Refreshing an Attunement. 

Refreshing an Attunement is always a completely new experience. 
Podmates often report that their refresh experiences are more powerful and profound than the experience they had the first time they received that Attunement! 

As Archie puts it:

It is never necessary to refresh a Dolphin Attunement. 
Once you receive a Dolphin Attunement, the effect is permanent.
It will continue to integrate and expand in your experience forever.

And ... it is always beneficial to refresh an Attunement. 
Each time you do,
you allow yourself to be touched even more deeply. 
You accelerate the expansion of your consciousness,
and you open more fully to the gifts of the dolphins.
~ Archie

Once you've received a particular Dolphin Attunement, you can refresh it, any time it is offered, for $44.
Podmates have told us this is the best bargain in Dolphin Heart World.
And we agree!

You may feel spontaneously guided to refresh a specific Dolphin Attunement.
The later Attunements - the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh - are particularly popular for refreshing.
We always recommend that you tune into your dolphin guides and your own inner wisdom, and trust you will be guided to the perfect Attunement for you to refresh, at the perfect time.

You can also choose to refresh all of the Dolphin Attunements, in order.
This makes sense if you have been away from the Attunements for a long time, or if you feel you've reached a whole new level in your life, and you'd like to re-receive the entire Dolphin Attunement Journey from where you are now.
If you'd like to refresh the entire journey, we offer the option of refreshing all 7 Dolphin Attunements for the special reduced price of $244 ($66 savings).

Sign Up To Refresh!
Select Your Payment Option
I am Refreshing My


General Information

How we schedule Dolphin Attunements

We offer each of the 7 Dolphin Attunement transmissions on one Saturday each month. 

The Unity-Community call for our Dolphin Attunement Journey podmates generally happens each month on the Wednesday after the Saturday when we transmit the Dolphin Attunements.

Occasionally, because of holidays or travel commitments, we have to adjust these schedules. We suggest that you bookmark this page, and always check here to confirm the date and time of your next Attunement!

How to Connect for Your Dolphin Attunement

We use the Zoom VideoConferencing system for our Dolphin Attunement gatherings.

If you already have Zoom installed on your computer or phone, then all you will need is the Zoom ID for our meeting: 552 051 6588.
There is no password on the meeting.

Zoom has lots of ways you can connect. 
We have another page that gives full instructions on how to use Zoom from your computer, an app on your phone, or with an ordinary (audio-only) phone call.
Click on this link for full instructions on how to use Zoom 
If you go to the Zoom page, don't forget to come back here and read the rest of this page! 

When you get in to Zoom, you will first be in the Waiting Room for the call. 
When we're ready to start the call, we'll let you in.
If you have difficulty connecting to the Zoom call, e-mail us and we'll help you get in.

Additional Sources of Support

We'd also like to remind you of the various sources of support that are available to you while you're on this journey with us:

Free Weekly Dolphin Energy Healing Tele-Circles every Thursday at noon, Pacific Time.

We offer Unity-Community Calls once a month - see the schedule above. 

Many podmates choose to receive personal dolphin healing sessions with us, in between their Attunements, and find this to be a very potent combination! 
The Dolphin Attunements bring everything up. 
The in-depth personal attention and safety of a personal healing session accelerates the healing, transformation, and release of personal core issues that rise to the surface. 

Linda offers Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions, and David offers Journeys of Discovery with Archie
If you're not sure which of these sessions would be best for your situation, we're happy to talk it over with you. 
It's an honor and a joy to give you personal support in this way.

Last but not least, if you have not yet read Linda's book, Dolphin Love ... From Sea to Land, we highly encourage you to do so! 
It's Linda's personal account of her 7-year inner journey with the dolphins, which gave birth to the Dolphin Attunements and the journey that you are now on. 
This book is a great one for anyone to read; but it's particularly meaningful to those of you who have said Yes to this journey. 
Think of Dolphin Love as your Dolphin Attunement Journey Guidebook that you can turn to at any time for insights, inspiration, wisdom, and yummy healing dolphin frequencies.

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