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(The Dolphin School program described in these pages is not currently being offered in this form. We've chosen to keep these pages up, to give you a sneak peek into what will soon be available. We are creating this program newly, using today’s technologies, so that our community members around the world can receive these gifts - without having to travel! Join our mailing list below to receive updates and announcements about this exciting training. It will be coming online soon!
The element of Dolphin School that is available right now is the Dolphin Attunement Journey.)

The dolphins are making a profound gift available to humanity.  This gift is one of the planetary keys to support humanity in making the shift away from a life that is based in struggle and fear…to a life that is based in love and joy.

Dolphin Healing HeArts is the vehicle for the dolphins to deliver a new blueprint for humanity…a new spiritual path.  As a ‘pod’ (group…family), students enter new levels of…



                           And Healing 


Through this program, the seeds of a new society upon Planet Earth are being planted and nurtured - a society that is founded in love, cooperation, and Unity-Community.

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The Dolphin Healing HeArts Program

Dolphin Healing HeArts is a collaboration with the Dolphin Consciousness to bring this gift of the dolphins to humans…on land.  This revolutionary new school is presented as a series of six weekend trainings.  To allow for the necessary integration period, the weekends are scheduled several months apart.

Each training weekend has a theme: 

Weekend #1:   The Frequency of JOY

Weekend #2:   The Frequency of MOVEMENT

Weekend #3:   The Frequency of CREATING FLOW

Weekend #4:   The Flow of LOVE

Weekend #5:   The Flow of ABUNDANCE

Weekend #6:   An OPENING OF THE HEART 
                                                                          …as never before!

There are three elements to this training program, which interconnect to create a unified whole: 

Each training weekend includes all three elements.

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