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(The Dolphin School program described in these pages is not currently being offered in this form. We've chosen to keep these pages up, to give you a sneak peek into what will soon be available. We are creating this program newly, using today’s technologies, so that our community members around the world can receive these gifts - without having to travel! Join our mailing list to receive updates and announcements about this exciting training. It will be coming online soon!)

Here is a selection of  messages and testimonials we have
received from dolphin school students and graduates.
All messages are shared with permission.  

“In the beginning, the dolphin school was an unknown world to me.  The fun, the playfulness, the excitement, the attunements, the atmosphere of complete non-judgment and the energy of the dolphins.  I received so many great gifts doing the school.  A very big one was the gift of recognition of my Soul—to feel it, be it, dive into its energy, learn to trust it, and to be guided by it.  

My deep inner joy has risen to the surface, through my creativity, flexibility, going with the flow, feeling abundance and opening my heart as never before.  And underneath and above this all:  I feel connected.  I don’t feel separate anymore.  I feel connected with all the people in the world, with All That Is in nature and the universe.  I’ve no judgment anymore, only loving curiosity, towards myself and others.  I feel at home in myself.  I feel Unity-Community.  I feel deep gratitude towards you, the School, my podmates, the dolphins and the universe.   -Kiki L., The Netherlands


“Dear Linda and David:

I want to tell you about my journey with the dolphins.  So I start with you Linda.  When I first met you in Amsterdam, I thought, “My god, that lady is hyper, I do not know if I can stand that for a whole evening.” 

But when I looked into your eyes, something shifted inside me, a kind of recognition.  For one split second the feeling that I knew who I was, and that it was alright.

Dearest David, I could not fathom you in the beginning.  You knew exactly what to do and when, but I felt no recognition.  Then there was the exercise, you standing before the group, showing us your vulnerability.  That moment I knew I could trust you.

Yes, and then the dolphins, boy was I in for a surprise.  I asked them, by the first attunement, for help by the opening of my heart and I expected love and joy and all of that.  Oh, yes, there was love and joy and all of that, but also so much pain, so much pain and anger still there in my body.  The fear, that if I should let go of all that pain and anger, I should fall to pieces.  Well, I did.

But the dolphins gave me the courage to look into my dark corners.  They showed me that most of the pain was inflicted by myself.  That as long as I stayed in the role of the victim, I should keep feeling the pain and the anger.

So, step by step, I am cleaning up the broken pieces of my mirror image.  I look at them, feel them, thank them for their lessons and let them go.

The dolphins told me, by the first attunement, that I had to dive deep before I could jump high.

And so we did.  My guides Splash, Rainbow and me are still diving deep to find the pieces of the real me… building myself up again, to jump high and be a part of the beautiful star of hope, peace, courage, humility, giving and receiving.  The star of Hearts…

With thanks and love forever…"   -Marjan V., The Netherlands


“Your school, the dolphins and the whales are teaching me how to live my life with ease and grace.  This is a way of living quite different than I am used to.  LIFE FEELS SO MUCH MORE FREE AND FUN!!  


I know now that I can make my own choices.  And so my experience of life is changing:  instead of standing on the side, I now ride this happy roller coaster.  It is one big, huge home-coming, re-membering and dis-covering.  The energy of the dolphins is such a great inspiration and encouragement.  I am eternally grateful to you for creating Dolphin Healing HeArts, and to myself for having taken this step!”  -Juliska v.R., The Netherlands


“The journey, for me, with the dolphins and whales, was and still is about TRUST and SURRENDER.  The last few weeks, I often felt so much love in my heart and my body that it was very easy to trust and surrender, with an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.  Between those periods, I am still learning, and I am sure that the journey will go on after the sixth weekend… The joy and love you brought into our weekends and into our hearts…   Thank you so much for your commitment and compassion for our Dolphin School and for us.”      -Gerda v.G., The Netherlands

“Dear David and Linda, you and the dolphins changed my life 180 degrees in a positive way, a way I never could have imagined!  I can laugh, dance and play again in a free way.  And I indeed can only speak and live my own truth, otherwise my body lets me know.  My power has been shown to me. 

More and more, I experience that I touch the hearts of people, and all I have to do is to be myself.  They do really feel the radiance of my dolphin heart, and I feel so tremendously rich about that.   I’m so happy about these gifts. And I feel so deeply that there is no end.  I’ll keep continuing to grow in my dolphinality, in everything!  Thank you so much from my deepest heart and soul!”  -Gerry H., The Netherlands

“Thank you for opening my world to the seas of heaven and earth.   For me, this experience has been an eye opener in the cosmic powers of the dolphins and the earthly skills they use.  Thank you for showing me that humans really can have that connection with the animal world and can live in their energy fields.” – Barbara M., The Netherlands

“Thank you for bringing all of this to me!  Every morning, doing a meditation chases away the heavy spaces so that love and light and creation can bring more balance to me.  Giving a healing to someone, I receive healing myself, and we are healing more than we know.”  -Yvonne d.B., The Netherlands


“Dolphin healing sessions, the Attunements and the school brought many hidden fears in me to the surface.  This was magnificently transformed into a new deep inner peace and quietness.  I feel myself much better steadily centered in most situations. My love for people changed from love with my mind to love with my heart centre, and this is a very joyful feeling for me.”                                             -Johanna v.W., The Netherlands  


“The Healing Hearts Workshop you presented was/is awesome, empowering and powerful beyond words.  Upon opening the certificate in bed before retiring, I realized this is the first certificate I identify with on a soul level and with all of my being. "Thank You" fails to express the gratitude for the deep experience of Self I was blessed with.  Thank you David for the direction which you were able to keep for all of us.  Thank you Linda for being the depth of feeling that you are.  Both of you move me profoundly, each in your own way.  Being in love must be a Dolphin Living Skill...” 
 -Lily Y., The Netherlands  



"Linda, I would like to take this moment to thank you from my heart, for all that you are and for everything you share with the world.  For me, our last weekend was so special and it became so clear to me that people can heal each other (and more than that!), that we can do so many good things for each other if we choose to!  The dolphins show me that it is so easy and natural to love..."       -  Ingrid S., The Netherlands

“Magical things happen to me after the sixth attunement, or rather my awareness to the magical events in my life has sharpened.  One of the strange things I notice is that I can only speak 100% truthful to people, it is either that or simply not speak at all.  Otherwise I feel in my body that it becomes tense and I know if I do not honor this new truth about myself I will get ill.  I feel it also has to do with the fact that I am no longer interested in being "socially accepted".  I may do things my way, which is more surprising to myself than my family and friends, because they readily accepted my new identity!”-               - Wilma V., The Netherlands  

(And a recent share from Wilma - two years after her graduation) 
"You both have inspired, empowered and supported me in my personal growth by embodying the human/dolphin love and wisdom, and I thank the universe for bringing you on my path. Words simply cannot express the love I feel for both of you and I look upon you as my most powerful and wonderful teachers.

It makes all the difference in the world to know you and David do care and live your mission.  Living with the 'dolphin consciousness' can be challenging at times, as you both also know.  I am so glad that you take the school even a step further and commit yourselves to help the graduates in their growth.  Wishing you both and the school all the best in 2006!  Love on a rainbow!"  -Wilma V., The Netherlands

 “I just want you to know that the shifts are still tremendous, and for me every day is a surprise, a present, the most wonderful gift.  I am grateful to Mother Earth for learning on her grounds and my stay here, I am grateful to the dolphins and whales who are with me every day, grateful to my spiritual guides.... grateful to you and David who gave me the wonderful gifts of Attunements and opening doors which I never had thought before to open!!”     –Sandra N., The Netherlands  

“I have given 3 healings now to a friend of mine and she is thrilled about the results! And so am I, of course! A very old sore spot in her psyche and body has been touched and solved now and a new conviction is settling in. The day after the 2nd healing she realized the effect of the treatment: being in a group of people she was not afraid to talk, as she used to be before!  It is so nice to do, so much fun and joy.”         -Kiki L., The Netherlands

"Linda, I see myself as an 'honor-roll graduate' of your school--I worked really hard on myself after my graduation in 2004.  I know I could thank myself for a lot of my accomplishments, but the school was really the seed that got me going on a higher path.  I thank you once again for being the light house for me throughout my dolphin experiences.  By the way, I quit smoking for my 30th birthday (I turned 30 this year), this is the real thing that makes ME proud!"   -Priya, NYC, New York

"I am soooo happy!  I had a pod meeting today at my home, and I feel so rich.  I was searching how to get haptotherapy and dolphin healing integrated, and in the healings it happened!  It came together!  I felt that everything I have to give at this moment in my life, I could give.  It feels so rewarding!  I feel so very much at the place where I should be.  I feel so excited because I feel my life plan is unfolding, and I am fulfilling my wishes for this life step by step. This is what the dolphin school has brought me, so much new possibilities, so much deeper being myself, so much exciting future calling...

Since the last weekend of Abundance, my work has been very busy.  November has been my busiest month ever. And then I have decided to ask more money for my sessions.  So here is money coming in!  Also, sometimes the past and child pain is coming on strong, and I let it be, but it asks less time now. It seems more time and energy is coming free for growing stronger and developing new ways of working and living."  -Pauline v.B., The Netherlands 

“Last night was very powerful in synchronistically facilitating the 5th Attunement for me.  Joan's description of Jesus and how he manifested with the support of his 12 disciples in pulling in things from other dimensions and futures anchored in a cellular change for me.  I feel the shift that began this weekend with you guys in approaching how I can create my reality.

Also, this idea that it is not a virtue to prop up those who cannot stand on their own two feet.  This goes so opposite my human service, community activist identity, and yet I know this is the new paradigm I've been attempting to introduce in my recent work with non-profits and government.

I am really ready to create a new reality, a new world. I feel so expanded, empowered, integrated, enthusiastic, centered and calm.

I really value the bonding and level of depth that is promoted by the continuous pod structure, and this is the aspect that I want to promote to others.” – Paula G., AZ

“It is ironic that to ascend you have to ground fully into the body; something I have never lived, really, in this lifetime!  It is an interesting journey; AND a lot more fun!!”   -Cynthia C., Encino, CA  

 “I want to tell you that my life is TRULY supporting, with flow, all I need to manifest my true heart's desires, now and for the future, and I want to THANK YOU with ALL my heart for the GIGANTIC role you both have, are and continue to play in my life helping this to be so for me!!!”  -Wendy G., Scottsdale, AZ  

"A friend at work had a headache, and I did some healing on her and brought through the dolphin energy. When she came in the next day, she gave me a big hug. She was amazed at the work. She had been having a hard time getting up out of bed in the mornings, and that morning she got right up and felt great. She was very grateful!"
             -Colette C., Sedona, AZ

"A woman came up to me last Sunday and thanked me profusely for the healing I did on her the Sunday before. She said that she had problems with her back, that she couldn't sit or stand for more than a few minutes without being in pain. After the healing I did on her, she had no pain in her back the entire week!  It was gone!"                                         -Michael E, Sedona AZ

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