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Welcome to our world – to Dolphin Heart World – where we swim in the frequen-seas of Dolphin Love and Joy!  
We invite you to sample our healing and transformative offerings, or to dive in fully to this extraordinary Dolphin Path. 
No travel or snorkel gear is required – just your open mind and willing heart!

Here is an overview of all of the different ways to play with us here at Dolphin Heart World. 
Click on any of the items below for full information.

Dip Your Toes!

If you’re new to Dolphin Heart World, or to the idea of dolphin healing energy, here are some great, no-cost and low-cost ways to dip your toes in the water and experience the beautiful healing frequencies of the dolphins.

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Read Linda's book: Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land

Attend the FREE weekly Global Dolphin Energy Healing Tele-Circle

Meditate with Linda and the dolphins, with Opening to Dolphin Energy

Listen to Linda & David on Internet Radio

Dive In! 

It is our desire to heal the hearts of humanity. 
All of humanity. -

Surrender to the welcoming embrace of Dolphin in these personal sessions.  Personal dolphin healing sessions are loving, intimate, transformative experiences customized especially for you!

Immerse in Dolphin yumminess ...
Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions ~ with Linda

Talk with a Golden Dolphin, and receive profound gifts of healing ...
Journey of Discovery with Archie Sessions ~ channeled by David

Begin the Journey!

The Dolphins are where we are going ...

"Dolphin told me that other humans can now benefit from the work we had done together. Others can now receive the gift of dolphin consciousness that the dolphins gave to me! I knew in my heart that a gift such as this is not meant for one person alone. This gift is meant to be shared ..."  - Linda, after her awakening, in Dolphin Love

Receive your First Dolphin Attunement!


          Dip Your Toes!          

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It's full of Dolphin Love, Light, Inspiration and Joy!

The first Introductory Message you receive will include a link to your Free Gift: an MP3 recording of Linda guiding you through Calling Forth Your Inner Dolphin!

Occasionally there will be a special announcement, but we won’t deluge your inbox – promise!

Dolphin Love & Joy...
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Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land
          by Linda Shay

"A spellbinding adventure of personal growth and transformation ..."

In a remarkable close encounter with a wild spinner dolphin off the coast of Hawaii, Linda receives a profound spiritual initiation. 

In the days and weeks following that magical dolphin encounter, Linda discovers that she has become a vehicle for the beautiful healing energy and unity consciousness of the dolphins. So begins a 7-year personal journey, guided by the love and wisdom of her dolphin friends, culminating in a  life-changing awakening.

This book has been a labor of love, 12 years in the making. Read Dolphin Love and awaken to the healing and transformative gifts these extraordinary beings are offering to humanity.

Learn more about Dolphin Love, and read excerpts.

View/order it on Amazon - Read the five-star reviews!

If you are outside the U.S., we recommend ordering Dolphin Love from your country's Amazon, or from The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide!).

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Every Week! FREE Global Dolphin Energy Healing Tele-Circle

Every Thursday, at Noon Pacific Time, one of us (usually David) facilitates a free 20-minute dolphin energy healing transmission for anyone, anywhere in the world, who wants to receive it. This is a great way to receive a loving splash of Dolphin Love and Joy to carry you through your week. Come on in! The water’s great! 

Click here for all you need to know to receive this yummy healing dolphin energy transmission.

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Opening to Dolphin Energy
         Guided meditations with 
          Linda and the Dolphins

Do you desire to explore, more deeply, your personal connection to the dolphins?
   Would you like to attract, meet, and journey with a special spirit dolphin whose joy it is to serve you in this life?
   Would you enJOY receiving practical, day-to-day Dolphin support and inspiration on your journey toward manifesting your deepest heart’s desires?

Join Linda in the sublime energies of the etheric ocean, accompanied by the sounds of wild Bimini spotted dolphins. Immerse yourself in the healing frequen-seas of Dolphin, and meet your personal dolphin spirit guide! Journey with your special dolphin friend and ask for help in your daily life. 

Many of our podmates listen to these meditations every day! Some listen in the morning to start their day. Others listen as they're going to sleep, so they'll spend their dreamtime immersed in Dolphin frequencies.

“I want you to know the impact of your meditations is very deep. I listen to the 25min one every morning shortly after waking, and the Buzz one whenever my intuition tells me to (which at present is also once a day). They soothe my soul as never imagined. I feel myself shift, and shift and shift. It's very beautiful.” – Miki Oshua, South Africa

The dolphin sounds on these meditation recordings were contributed by renowned Dolphin photographer/videographer Daniel McCulloch, of Dolphin Synergy. Thank you, Daniel!

Linda's Opening to Dolpin Energy meditation recording includes 3 tracks: an introductory talk by Linda and two guided dolphin energy meditations. It is available as a physical CD or an MP3 download. Click here to order the CD or the MP3 files from Amazon.com. The MP3s are also available through iTunes and other online music dealers.

Note: The MP3 files of these meditations are included as our free gift to you when you register for your First Dolphin Attunement!

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          Dive In!

Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions
with Linda Shay

Love Heals.
Joy Transforms!

This was Dolphin's very first message and teaching to Linda when her journey with them began in 1996. We think most humans would agree - dolphins are pure LOVE and JOY!

It’s exciting to realize that it’s not necessary to be in the physical presence of dolphins to receive their healing Love and transformative Joy! Their healing Love, transformative Joy, and expansive Consciousness transcends time, space, and physicality. Dolphins are master healers who receive great JOY in helping us humans heal, grow, and evolve into greater love and connection with All of Life.

Dolphin Energy Healing is a highly advanced form of spiritual energy healing. It is performed by the Dolphin Consciousness, through Linda as the vehicle.
You will receive the same energy that you would receive if you were swimming with the dolphins physically … and often more! Linda facilitates these sessions virtually, by telephone or Zoom.

Linda is a pioneer in the field of Dolphin Energy Healing. She was initiated to this sacred service by a wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin in 1996, and received her training directly from the Dolphin Consciousness. Linda has trained hundreds of students worldwide in this exquisite spiritual healing technology. Over 100 of these students have achieved their certification as Dolphin Energy Practitioners. 

To learn more:

Linda shares a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in About Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions. 
(This is a PDF document. You can left-click to read in your browser, or right-click and "Save Link As" to download to your computer for viewing in a PDF reader app such as Adobe Reader.)

To register for your Dolphin Energy Healing Session with Linda:

Step 1: Pay for your session. A single session is $188. Click on the button below to pay with your PayPal account or a credit or debit card. Or you can call us at 855-DLFNLUV (855-353-6588, toll-free) or 928-852-3788 to arrange another form of payment.

One Dolphin Energy Healing Session - $188

Step 2: Schedule your session. Once you've made your payment, the system will bring you to our online scheduling system to schedule your session - or you can click here to go there directly. Our online scheduling system takes care of all the time zone issues, so you can schedule your session in your own local time, anywhere in the world.

Step 3: Download and read Dolphin Energy Healing Pre-Session Tips before your session. This document covers how the session works, how to prepare for your session, how to care for yourself after the session, and other  information to help you maximize your session experience. 

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Journeys of Discovery with Archie
channeled by David Rosenthal

Archie describes himself as the Dolphin aspect of Archangel Michael. David perceives him as a very large, bottlenose-like dolphin with a bright golden aura. Archie is truly a Golden Dolphin. He is the spokesdolphin for the Cetacean Spiritual Council that has guided our service in the world from the beginning. Linda's book Dolphin Love tells the story of Archie's first appearance to David in 2003, and includes an entire chapter of his channeled messages.

Archie has stated that his intention for these sessions is to produce genuine change, genuine transformation, and genuine and meaningful shifts in your experience and your life. These sessions are journeys of discovery and empowerment, rather than readings. Although questions are encouraged, and answers are given, the most powerful parts of these sessions are the direct healing transmissions from Archie. These profound energy transmissions heal and remove blockages in your ability to access your own higher wisdom, so that you may approach human life from a higher place, in a higher way. These healing transmissions include Dolphin and Whale energies as well as other energies: trans-galactic, cosmic, holographic, and Source energies.

You will receive an mp3 audio recording of your session  

To learn more:

Click here for the Journeys with Archie Information Sheet. (This is a PDF document. You can left-click to read in your browser, or right-click and "Save Link As" to download to your computer for viewing in Adobe Reader.)

To register for your Journey of Discovery with Archie session:

Step 1: Pay for your session. 
Use the button below to pay for your session with PayPal. Or you can call us at 855-DLFNLUV (855-353-6588, toll-free) or 928-852-3788 to pay with your credit or debit card.

Journey of Discovery with Archie ~ $188

Step 2: Schedule your session. Once you've made your payment, click here to schedule your session. Our online scheduling system takes care of all the time zone issues, so you can schedule your session in your own local time, anywhere in the world!

Step 3: Download and read Archie Pre-Session Tips before your session. This document covers how the session works, how to prepare for your session, and other information to help you maximize your session experience. 

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Begin the Journey!

The Dolphin Attunements are revolutionary ... and evolutionary. 
The Dolphin Attunement Journey is a series of seven spiritual initiations delivered directly by the Dolphin Consciousness

Dolphin describes this journey as A Gateway to the New Paradigm. 
On this heart-centered path of Grace, Dolphin serves as your spiritual teacher, guide, and beloved friend. 
Upon receiving your Seventh Dolphin Attunement, you are a brand new being upon planet Earth. 

The first step in exploring this new possibility is to receive your First Dolphin Attunement.

Upcoming First Dolphin Attunement Transmissions:

Saturday April 1, 2023 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
Saturday May 6, 2023 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local area code

Click here to learn more about receiving your First Dolphin Attunement!

For current Dolphin Attunement Journey podmates, the information and schedule for upcoming Dolphin Attunement transmissions is here.

For podmates who've completed the Dolphin Attunements, the information for the Star Attunement Journey is here, and the schedule for upcoming Star Attunements is here,.

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