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(The Dolphin School program described in these pages is not currently being offered in this form. We've chosen to keep these pages up, to give you a sneak peek into what will soon be available. We are creating this program newly, using today’s technologies, so that our community members around the world can receive these gifts - without having to travel! Join our mailing list to receive updates and announcements about this exciting training. It will be coming online soon!)

Everyone who completes the full six weekends of Dolphin Healing HeArts becomes a graduate of the school.  Becoming a Certified Dolphin Energy Practitioner involves additional requirements.

There are two levels of certification.  The complete list of certification requirements for each level will be covered during the school.  Here is a basic summary of the certification process:

  • After the First Attunement weekend, students begin doing practice healings with each other.

  • After the Third Attunement weekend, students may begin offering healings to the public by donation.  
  • Level 1 Practitioner Certification is earned after the Fourth Attunement is received and the student has given at least 18 documented healings.  With this certification, students may begin charging for their healing sessions.
  • Level 2 Practitioner Certification is earned after the Sixth Attunement is received, and the student has given an additional 6 healings. 
There is no time limit on the certification process.  Currently, there is no additional fee beyond the school tuition to receive these certifications. 

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