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(The Dolphin School program described in these pages is not currently being offered in this form. We've chosen to keep these pages up, to give you a sneak peek into what will soon be available. We are creating this program newly, using today’s technologies, so that our community members around the world can receive these gifts - without having to travel!

The Dolphin Attunements described on this page are currently available, worldwide, through the Dolphin Attunement Journey program.)

 The Dolphin Attunements are a series of six sacred initiations, delivered directly by the Dolphin Consciousness.  They take place at a level beyond human understanding… beyond what can be conceptualized or put into words.  In linear time, an Attunement is received in a matter of minutes.  But several months or more are required to fully absorb and assimilate the quantum leap frequency shift that a single Dolphin Attunement sets into motion. 

One Attunement is transmitted during each training weekend.   

The experience of the Attunements, and the transformations they initiate in the lives of the students who receive them, are extraordinary.  Each Attunement has its own essential nature, and they must be received in order.  The Attunements culminate with the Sixth Attunement, which creates a full merge of human and dolphin consciousness.  The result is a new quality of consciousness on Planet Earth.    

This process requires massive letting go, deep trust and surrender.  Many of your old programs and belief systems that do not serve you will dissolve naturally.  Some, you will have to move through consciously, because there are soul lessons for you to learn.  The Dolphin Attunements take you deeply into yourself.  All the unloved parts of yourself that remain deeply hidden inside of you will rise to the surface to be seen, embraced, loved and healed.

The reward of this intense inner work is that you come out on the other side a brand new being.  You literally are brand new.  You are operating from a brand new quality of consciousness and a higher quality of love.  You will have an experience of your Self that surpasses what you can now imagine. You will discover how to function, in your daily life, in expanded states of consciousness...in Unity Consciousness.  Walking the earth in Unity Consciousness is a very different experience from walking the earth in Duality Consciousness.

We are often asked:  “What is the difference between receiving a Dolphin Attunement and receiving Dolphin Energy?” 

Many of us have already had direct experiences of Dolphin Energy.  Perhaps you have had an opportunity to swim with dolphins, in the wild or in captivity, and been touched by their immense love and their profound healing power.  Perhaps you have received Dolphin Energy Healing from a trained practitioner.  Or perhaps the dolphins have reached out and touched you when you’ve looked at pictures of them, or even just thought about them.  Dolphins may have appeared to you in your dreams or in meditations.  These can all be profound, life-changing experiences. 

So, what is different about a Dolphin Attunement?

When we asked this question, the dolphins gave us the image of The  Fountain of Youth.  When we receive Dolphin Energy, it is as though we are drinking the water of the fountain.  And this is wonderful!  But the Dolphin Attunements are something more, something deeper … something beyond.

When we receive the Dolphin Attunements, our very essence is transformed, so that we become the fountain.  The attunement process is about choosing to become the source. 

Once you have received and integrated the Sixth Dolphin Attunement, people receive the love and healing energy of the dolphins simply by looking into your eyes, hearing your voice, or by being in your energy field.  This Gift of the Dolphins is an incredible gift that you give not only to yourself, but also to humanity and the planet.  

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