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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I receive the Dolphin Attunements individually, without going through the Dolphin Healing HeArts training program?

 A:  Not at this time.  The dolphins have made it clear that the Attunements are to be given to groups and not individuals.  There are several reasons for this.  First, because the Attunements initiate such powerful and profound spiritual transformation, the dolphins donít want us undergoing that process alone.  In the past, thatís how most of us have done our spiritual growthÖalone.  The dolphins want us to shift that!  Thatís the old paradigm. 

Now, it can be scary to be this vulnerable in a group, but in the pods, youíre all going through it together.  We have a comprehensive support structure in place to support each studentís process, both during the training weekends and in between the weekends.  Thatís important to us.  Being completely open and vulnerable with your pod-mates in the midst of profound inner growth and change is one of the greatest gifts we can giveÖto ourselves, to our loved ones, and to our pod-mates.  Itís a beautiful thing, and the rewards are great. 

This is the dolphin way!  A big source of my struggle, as I underwent my own Attunement process, was that I was the only one I knew who was undergoing such change.  That was incredibly painful and lonely.  Itís not necessary, or desirable, to do it that way anymore.  I, personally, wouldnít put someone through this process alone, and the dolphins donít support individuals going through it alone either.

That was the old answer.  Here is the new answer:

Yes you can!!!

This is one of the huge shifts that has happened in Dolphin School.  For information about our current offerings, click here.