Zoom Videoconference Info

Zoom is a new videoconferencing technology for our Unity-Community and Star Pod calls.
Zoom is like Skype, only better and more reliable. :-)

With Zoom, you can connect over your computer, with or without a webcam.
Or you can also connect from your smartphone or tablet, either Apple (iPhone or iPad) or Android.
Or you can connect, audio-only, from any ordinary telephone.
Like the telephone conferencing system we've been using (freeconferencecall.com), Zoom also has local telephone numbers you can call from all over the world.

So the choice is yours about how you connect - computer, smartphone, tablet, or ordinary phone.

We are still using our telephone-only conference system (freeconference.com) for Attunements and David's Archie sessions. 
We currently use Zoom for Unity-Community calls, Linda's personal sessions, and special events.

You don't need your own account with Zoom to participate in our Zoom calls.
You can just use the "Join a Meeting" function.

Our Meeting IDs

No matter how you connect, you'll need our Meeting ID. 
We now have two different IDs:

Zoom ID for Dolphin Heart World group events: 5520516588
Click to connect: 

Zoom ID for personal 1-on-1 sessions with Linda: 5235585818
Click to connect:  https://zoom.us/j/5235585818

Connecting from your PC or Mac

To connect from your computer is easy, just click on the correct link above. 

This will open a page in your web browser. The Zoom application will automatically download itself and run, and then connect you to our conference. Depending on your system, you may need to click on a button to give permission to run the application. 

If your system doesn't have a webcam, we won't be able to see you, but you'll still be able to see us, and everyone else on the call who does have a webcam.

onnecting from your Android Smartphone or Tablet

First, download and install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the Google Play store. You can go to the store and search for the app "Zoom Cloud Meetings," or you can access it from this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings 

Once you start the app, it's not necessary for you to "Sign In" or "Sign Up". 
Just click on the "Join a Meeting" button on the bottom right of the screen.
Then enter the correct meeting ID (above) and it will take you in to our conference.

Connecting from your iPhone or iPad

Download and install the app here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zoom.us-cloud-video-meetings/id546505307

Then "Join a Meeting" using our meeting ID above. 

Connecting by telephone

This works very similarly to our phone-only conference system.

The U.S. number is 1-415-762-9988

When you connect, it will ask you for your Meeting ID. 
Choose the correct one above, and then press "#".

Once you are on the call, you can Mute and Unmute yourself by pressing the Star key ("*") and then 6 - just like our regular telephone conference system.

If you are outside of the US, here is the page from Zoom with the list of telephone numbers you can call. 

If you are calling from within the country listed, you don't need to use the country code (the 2 or 3 numbers after the "+" sign), but depending on which country you're in, you probably need to dial (0) before you dial the number.