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Congratulations on your choice to complete the Dolphin Attunement Journey!

You've received your First Dolphin Attunement, you've read the Invitation to the Dolphin Attunement Journey document, and you've had your Dolphin Discovery Call with Linda or David.

Now you're ready to choose your payment plan and commit to completing the rest of the Journey - Dolphin Attunements 2 through 7.

Before you do, though, please read the following information:

How do I know the date and time of my next Attunement transmission?

Please bookmark this page: Upcoming Dolphin Attunements Calendar 
We keep this page updated with the dates and times for all the upcoming Dolphin Attunement transmissions and Unity-Community calls.
Occasionally we do have to make a schedule change, so it's a good idea to check this page each month to confirm the date and time of your next Attunement.

What happens if I have to miss a monthly Attunement?

With any plan, you always have the freedom and flexibility to skip a month.
This might be because you have a schedule conflict, you'll be away on vacation, or you simply feel you'd like some additional integration time before continuing on with your next Attunement.

If you are going to skip a month, please email us and let us know, as soon as you know your plans. Otherwise we'll assume you're continuing on with the regular schedule for the plan you've selected.

If you're on one of the monthly payment plans, missing a monthly Attunement doesn't change your monthly payment commitment, unless you've communicated with us and made a special arrangement.

Do I have to pay with PayPal?

We do use PayPal as our payment processor.
If you are paying in full, PayPal will give you the option to pay directly with your credit or debit card, without having to set up a PayPal account.
For the monthly payment plans, if you don't have a PayPal account, the system will walk you through connecting your credit or debit card and setting up your account
If you'd rather avoid PayPal altogether, call us (1-855-353-6588) and we can make another arrangement.

How do PayPal subscription payments work?

When you select one of the monthly payment options and sign up, your first monthly payment will be processed immediately.
Each of the remaining payments will be processed automatically by PayPal, once each month, on the same date as your initial payment. 
For example, if you make your first payment on August 12, each remaining payment will be charged on the 12th of the month, until all of the payments are completed.
Please ensure that your PayPal account is properly set up - ideally by connecting it to your bank account or to a credit or debit card - so that each monthly payment can be processed successfully.

~ ~ ~

Now review the payment options below, and then click on the button for the option you're choosing.
When you do, you will be taken to PayPal to complete your payment.

Jump for Joy! 
Pay in full, one payment of $1,333.
This is a significant savings ($222 or more) over the monthly payment plans.
You will receive one new Attunement each month, completing the remaining 6 Dolphin Attunements in 6 months.

Jump For Joy!
One Full Payment: $1,333

Fast Track! 
Subscription: 5 monthly payments of $311.
You will receive one new Attunement each month, completing the remaining 6 Dolphin Attunements in 6 months.

Fast Track!
Five Monthly Payments: $311 each

Takiní It Easy Plus!
Subscription: 11 monthly payments of $169.
With Takin' It Easy Plus, you'll receive one new Attunement every other month, completing your remaining 6 Dolphin Attunements in one year. 
The Plus is that, each month in-between your new Attunements, you'll refresh (receive again) the last Attunement you received. 
For example: if you receive your Second Attunement in April, you'll refresh your Second Attunement in May.
In June you'll receive your Third Attunement, in July you'll refresh that one, and so on.
This way, you'll be attending an Attunement transmission every month, either to receive or refresh, for the entire year - a total of 12 Attunement transmissions.
Receiving a transmission every month will help you keep your Dolphin connection alive and your frequencies high. 

Refreshing an Attunement is always a completely new experience. 
Podmates often report that their refresh experiences are more powerful and profound than the experience they had the first time they received that Attunement! 

Once you've received an Attunement, you are always welcome to refresh it, even years after you've completed your Dolphin Attunement Journey.
The standard fee for refreshing an Attunement you've already received is $44.
With Takin' It Easy Plus, the additional cost for each refresh is only $33, and this is spread over the 11 monthly payments.

Takin' It Easy Plus!
Eleven Monthly Payments: $169 each


~ ~ ~

Thank you! And ... 

Welcome to the Pod!

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