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Before each of your Star Attunements, please review the preparation information:

Preparing for Your Next Star Attunement

How to Connect For Your Star Attunement Call

(If you're looking for the Dolphin Attunements schedule and sign-up page, that information is here.)


The Story of the Star Attunements

The Star Attunements are new on planet Earth.

The journey of the Star Attunements is currently in process.
Like the Dolphin Attunement journey, which begins with the First Dolphin Attunement and completes with the Seventh, the Star Attunement journey will ultimately have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
So far, we've only reached the middle.

The very first Star 1 Attunement was delivered in December of 2013.
Star 1, 2 and 3 arrived within the first year.
Since then, the pace has slowed, and only one new Star Attunement is coming to us each year.
The very first Star 5 transmission was received in September 2016, and the first Star 6 happened in November 2017.
The first Star 7 will be October 14, 2018.

Archie has told us that there will be 9 Star Attunements in total, which means that the journey will not be complete, for any of us who are receiving, until fall 2020.
Much is yet to be revealed.
There are now more than 60 of us humans who have received some or all of the available Star Attunements.
We - Linda and David - are receiving these Attunements newly, along with all of our Starmates.
We are all journeying together into this mystery.

Archie has told us, and our experience confirms, that the Star Attunements are not a continuation of the Dolphin Attunements.
They are the beginning of an entirely new journey. 

This new journey is available to you once you have completed your Dolphin Attunement journey by receiving your Seventh Dolphin Attunement.
After that, we generally recommend giving yourself at least two months for the integration of your Dolphin Attunements before beginning to receive the Star Attunements.
(If you personally are feeling called to move forward more quickly than this, talk to us.)

If you are a podmate who completed your Dolphin Attunements before November 2013, you must first upgrade your Dolphin Attunements to the current frequencies by refreshing your Seventh Dolphin Attunement, before you can begin the Star Attunements.
You can sign up for that here.

What are the Star Attunements?

If you've received some or all of the Dolphin Attunements, you know that they cannot be fully expressed or explained in human language.
But one way of talking about the Dolphin Attunements is to say that they are about merging your Human Consciousness with Dolphin Consciousness to create a new form of consciousness on planet Earth.

Along those lines, the Star Attunements are about merging Human-Dolphin Consciousness with Star Consciousness.

This is not about merging your consciousness with the consciousness of extraterrestrial beings living on planets that revolve around stars outside our solar system. 
This is about merging with the consciousness of the stars themselves.

Here is how Archie first explained this to us:

The first beings in this universe were not dolphins or humans or amoeba.
They were stars.

And so, when the universe was born, 
and elements of the universe began to experience beingness and consciousness,
the first beings to reach "self-awareness" were physical stars.
We're not talking about movie stars or television stars,
we are talking about stars like your Sun.

There are elements of this understanding in human mythology. 
In fact, there was more awareness in what you now call mythology
  that stars are beings.
Stars have self-awareness.
Stars have an understanding of their place in the universe.

Now, this self-awareness is not biologically mediated. 
It is obviously quite, quite different from what you experience as self-awareness.
Certainly, there is a sense in which the self-awareness of a star is primitive
  compared to the self-awareness of a fish,
let alone a human being, 
let alone a dolphin or a whale -
because it is "undifferentiated."

However it is also true that the self-awareness of a star,
in another way,
is beyond anything that you, up until now, 
have been able to conceive of experiencing as a human being.

The ultimate purpose of the Star Attunements is to bring
an aspect of star consciousness
into the makeup of human consciousness.

We also like this title for this new journey:
Living in the Multidimensional Oneness.

In truth, this is the greatest experiment we have ever undertaken.
~ Archie & the Cetacean Council

Archie has also told us that the evolutionary leap forward that we are receiving with the Star Attunements is something the dolphins on planet Earth received, as part of their own evolution, about 15 million years ago.

Dolphin is collaborating with Star Consciousness to bring us these Star Attunements.
We invite you to join with us in receiving them!


Recordings about the Star Attunements

On September 17, 2014, Linda and David gave an in-depth Celebration Call revealing all that Archie had told us about the Star Attunements.
This call goes into much more depth about the nature of this new journey.
We highly recommend listening to the MP3 recording of this call to get the full story! 

One note before you listen:
At the time we gave this call, there were only 6 Dolphin Attunements, and we did not yet know that the new Attunements were Star Attunements. 
We were delivering these new Attunements for nine months before the Dolphins told us what they actually were!
So, when you hear us talking at the beginning of the call about the 7th, 8th and 9th Dolphin Attunements, that is what we were calling them before they were renamed to Star 1, Star 2 and Star 3.
Here is the link:

MP3 - Star Attunement Celebration Call, September 2014 (48 minutes)

Depending on your browser, you can probably play the MP3 file by just clicking on it.  It's a big file, so it may take a few minutes to download before it starts playing. Or you can right-click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the MP3 file to your hard disk.  Then double-click on the downloaded MP3 file to play it, or you can copy the file to your MP3 player or smartphone.)


On September 20, 2016, Archie spoke at our monthly Star Pod call to discuss the new Star 5 Attunement in depth. 
This was a lengthy call - Archie had a lot to say!
And after he completed his message, he invited the podmates present to ask questions.
The call ends with a gift from Archie: a direct energy transmission, which you will also receive when you listen to the recording.

Here is the link for this recording::

MP3 - Archie Speaks about Star 5  (1 hour 18 minutes)

Depending on your browser, you can probably play the MP3 file by just clicking on it.  It's a big file, so it may take a few minutes to download before it starts playing. Or you can right-click on the link and choose "Save As" to save the MP3 file to your hard disk.  Then double-click on the downloaded MP3 file to play it, or you can copy the file to your phone or other MP3 player or smartphone.)


How we schedule Star Attunement transmissions

Dolphin Attunements happen on Saturdays, and Star Attunements happen on SUNdays. :-)

Archie has told us that, for the vast majority of our Star podmates, the ideal timing is to allow approximately 2 months between each of your Star Attunements. 
For example, if you receive your Star 1 in July, ideally you'll receive your Star 2 in September, your Star 3 in November, and so on.
We've designed our calendar to support this timing.

Occasionally, because of holidays or travel commitments, we have to adjust these schedules. 
We suggest that you bookmark this page, and always check here to confirm the date and time of your next Attunement.

With the Star transmissions, we don't come back together on the conference call line an hour or so after the transmission for sharing, the way we do with the Dolphin Attunements.
We tried doing that for the first few Star transmissions.
But when we gathered on the call, none of us could speak! 
We were all still deeply in the energies of the Star transmission.

We do have a monthly Star Pod Call on the Tuesday after each month's last Star Attunement transmission.
We encourage you to attend that call and share your Star experiences.
We also invite you to email us within a day or so after you receive a Star Attunement, and tell us about your experiences.


Refreshing a Star Attunement

"Refreshing" is what we call it when you receive an Attunement that you have already received before.
For the Star Attunements, Archie specifically recommends refreshing Star Attunements you've already received as often as possible.

In truth, each of the new Star Attunements
is larger than the majority of humans can receive in a single sitting.
When you receive it again, 
you will receive new dimensions of it.
~ Archie

Each time you refresh one of the Star Attunements, you're capable of receiving more.
This does not mean that it's necessary, for example, to receive Star 1 more than once before you're ready to receive Star 2.
But it does mean that, wherever you are in your Star journey, there is always great benefit in refreshing any or all of the Star Attunements that you've already received, whenever you can.

Some of our Star podmates join us every month to refresh whatever Star Attunement is being offered that month.
As David puts it: 
"When a Star Attunement is happening, why would you want to be anywhere else?"

At Archie's suggestion, we've recently created discount packages for refreshing Star Attunements.
With these, you can prepay to refresh 3 or 12 Star Attunement transmissions, in your own timing, at a significant savings over the cost of paying for each one individually.

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Upcoming transmissions for the Star 1 Attunement

Sunday October 7, 2018 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone


Upcoming transmissions for the Star 2 Attunement

Sunday December 2, 2018 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

The very first transmission of the Star 2 Attunement was in March 2014.
After her Attunement, one of our podmates wrote:

The [Star 2] Attunement - incredible yet difficult if not impossible for me to put into words.
All I can say is that it was HUGE, HUMONGOUS ... bigger than I have any expression for ...
I felt like energy expanded & merged with Dolphin & Whale, and then on to infinity.
I feel like I should not be able to fit into my clothes! ... through a doorway ...
into my car! ... my home! ... the Universe! 
And nothing but LOVE and BLISS and immense GRATITUDE fills all those spaces.
~ M.B.



Upcoming transmissions for the Star 3 Attunement

Sunday November 4, 2018 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

As we move deeper into the Star Attunements, it is more and more difficult to describe the experience in words ...


Upcoming transmissions for the Star 4 Attunement

Sunday October 7, 2018 ~ 12 noon Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

Each Star Attunement is an exponential leap beyond the ones that have come before.


Upcoming transmissions for the Star 5 Attunement

Sunday December 9, 2018 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

For a deep discussion of Star 5, listen to the recording of Archie's recent message.

Star 5 absolutely blew me away. It had more impact than all the rest of them put together!
~ S. W.


Upcoming transmissions for the Star 6 Attunement

Sunday November 11, 2018 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone


Upcoming transmissions for the Star 7 Attunement

Sunday October 14, 2018 ~ 10 am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone




Upcoming Star Pod Calls

Tuesday October 16, 2018 ~ 12 noon Pacific Time *
Tuesday November 13, 2018 ~ 12 noon Pacific Time *
Tuesday December 11, 2018 ~ 12 noon Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

These Star Calls are our opportunity to share our discoveries about the new gifts the Star Attunements are bringing us, as well as what many of you are learning about the Star-Dolphin connection in your own research. 
These calls aren't focused on giving support.
Rather, they are focused on expanding into these vast new frequencies and anchoring them.

We are now using Zoom videoconferencing for these calls, so we can see each other as well as hear each other.
If you're not set up on your computer, you can still call in by telephone.
But this is a different system than the one we use for Attunement calls, with different phone numbers.
Click here for full connecting instructions.



Sign up here for your next Star Attunement!

There's no need to fill out another registration form - we have your information on file. 
If any of your contact information changes - phone number(s), email address, or home address - please email us and let us know.

The cost to receive each Star Attunement is $266.

Star Attunement Package Discount: 
You can pre-pay for 5 Star Attunements for $1222. ($108 savings)

Once you've received a Star Attunement , you can refresh it, any time it is offered, for $44.
To make frequent refreshing even easier and more affordable, we now offer two Star Attunement Refresh Packages:

Star Refresh Light ~ 3 refreshes for $97 (less than $33 per refresh!)

Star Refresh Grande ~ 12 refreshes for $297 (less than $25 per refresh!)

Once you've purchased one of these packages, please email us before each Star Attunement you'll be refreshing, and let us know you're coming!

Use the button below to pay online with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. 
You can also call us at
855-DLFNLUV (855-353-6588, toll-free) or 928-852-3788 to pay with your credit or debit card, or to arrange to send us a check, money order, or bank wire.

All prices are in US Dollars. 

My Next Star Attunement!
I am Signing Up to
in Transmission Month

Congratulations on registering for your next Star Attunement.
We look forward to diving deeper and soaring higher together!

Now that you've registered, please read the Preparation Page:

Preparing for Your Next Star Attunement

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How to Connect for Your Star Attunement Call

Important:  For our Unity-Community and Star Pod Community calls, we are now using a video conferencing system - not the voice-only teleconference system described here. 
To learn how to connect to the Star Pod video calls, click here.

The following information applies for the Star Attunement transmission calls:

U.S. and Canada phone number: 1-641-715-3580. 

Access Code544066  followed by the # sign. 

For the benefit of our international friends, our conferencing service also provides local phone numbers in more than 55 other countries.
If you're outside the U.S., click on this link to get to our conference call information page.
It will look like this:

When you click on View List, you'll see all of the available international phone numbers, so you can check whether there's a local number in your country. 
Probably there is!
( The list shows the country code for each phone number, as if you were calling from outside that country. But when you put your cursor over the phone number for your country, you'll see the correct way to dial the number from inside your country.)

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