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Preparation for your
*STAR* Attunement!

Aloha beloveds...

Ooohhhh … we are so excited about this new gift Dolphin is giving to us all!
We’re swimming right by your side in this new journey of discovery!
Thank you, with our whole hearts, for being among the first to receive this miraculous new gift from the Dolphin Consciousness!

We Love You!
~ Linda, David, Dolphin & Archie

~ ~ ~

How to Connect to the Attunement Conference Call

Date and Time
When you signed up for your Attunement, you received the information about the date and time for the Attunement conference call.

Please call in about 5 minutes before the official start time of the call, so we can start on time.

Allow a minimum of 2½ hours for the Attunement experience.
This includes the pre-Attunement call, the Attunement transmission, and the post-Attunement call.
Ideally, the rest of your day is also open and clear, so you can follow your energy as you are guided.
If this is not possible, give yourself as much open space and time as you can.
It's common for our podmates to feel quite altered in the hours and days after an Attunement.

The Number to Call
The U.S. phone number to call is:

When you reach our conference system, it will ask you to enter your Access Code.
The Access Code for our calls is:
544066 #

For the benefit of our podmates outside the U.S., we use an international conferencing service that provides local phone numbers in more than 40 countries around the world. 
If you are outside the U.S. or Canada, click here to find the best phone number for your location.
Then click on the "View List" link to see all the International Dial-In Numbers.
The access code is always the same, 544066 #, no matter which phone number you call.

If you have difficulty entering the call for any reason, e-mail David and he'll help with trouble-shooting.

Once you're in the call

If you're the first one on the call, you'll hear music until someone else joins the call.
Otherwise, when you enter the call, those of us who are already on the line will hear a beep. 
When there's a pause in the conversation, say your name to let us know you're here.

Once everyone is present, we’ll have an initial guided meditation and do some sharing, to connect our energies and create our pod.
Then Linda or David will lead you into your Attunement experience. 
When the Attunement transmission begins, and you hear the words "Blessings on your Journey," it's time to  hang up the telephone and fully surrender into receiving.

About an hour after the transmission begins, we’ll re-open the conference call line for 30 minutes or so, for those of you who would like to call in and make a heart and voice connection afterwards. 
We will announce the exact time we will reopen the call before the Attunement begins.

Attending the after-call is optional. 
Sometimes people want to stay with their internal experience for longer than an hour.
Or you may choose to go out into nature at some point after the transmission.
Honor your process!
And ... these "post-Attunement" calls are a time for profound and deep sharing.
They're also a lot of fun!

If you're able to call back in, we highly recommend it.


 How to Prepare for your Star Attunement!

During the days leading up to your Attunement, and in the hours before the call-in time, engage in activities that support you in letting go of the outside world, tuning in to the dolphins, and coming into harmony and resonance with the dolphin frequency. 
Some suggestions:

  • Listen to one of Linda's dolphin meditations from her Opening to Dolphin Energy meditation CD/mp3s.
  • Meditate with the dolphins in silence.
  • Lie down, call forth your dolphin guide, and relax by listening to a dolphin music CD or dolphin sounds.
  • Take a warm, relaxing bath, and call in the energy of the ocean and your dolphin spirit friends.
  • Do some gentle dance or yoga movements, to loosen your body, relax, and open to receive.
Just don’t get too relaxed and fall asleep when it's time to call in for the conference call!
Set an alarm if you have to, just to be safe. 

Suggestions for Dolphin Attunement Day:

  • Create your sacred space in a place where you’ll be free of distractions for about an hour – candles, soft dolphin sounds, or music that relaxes you.
  • Have a fresh new bottle of water in the room with you, to be charged with the Attunement energies, to drink daily for integration support. 
    We recommend labeling your bottle for each Attunement, for example "DA #2".
  • Give yourself as much open time and space as you can, both before and after the Attunement, so you can be fully present as your Attunement experience unfolds.

A Guideline from the Dolphins

Archie gave us this suggestion for you, in a channeled session:

To optimize your ability to receive the Attunements, the dolphins recommend that you refrain from alcohol or any other recreational drugs for at least 3 days before, and 7 days after, each Dolphin or Star Attunement.
This is to ensure that you are fully present for the experience, and free of interference.

During and After the Attunement

The dolphins encourage you to remain in your own energy, in silence, eyes closed, for as long as feels right after receiving the Attunement. 
Be gently present with yourself.
Be present to the sensations in your body. 
Be present with your breath. 
Welcome all that you feel, and let your thoughts, feelings, and energy sensations flow through you naturally, like a child.

When you feel it's time to open your eyes, be gently present with the world around you. 
Be in observation -- notice if, and how, the world appears differently to you. 

The experience of receiving the Attunement is different for everybody. 
Many people "go out", or even fall asleep, as they are receiving.
You may remain lying down for a long time.
On the other hand, you may pop up, full of energy, shortly after the Attunement is delivered.
Go with it! Do what your spirit is guiding you to do.
When you do feel ready to get up, you may want to go outside and walk in nature.
Perhaps you'll want to put on some music and dance. 
If you're an artist, you may experience a burst of creative energy, and feel the urge to create a piece of art! 
Honor these inner impulses. 
Follow your energy, and surrender to your unique flow.

Your energy field is wide open after the Attunement transmission. 
Be mindful of where you go, and who you spend time with, immediately following your Attunement experience. 
As best you can, do nourishing, supportive things, and be with loving, supportive people. 

Share your experiences and stay connected!

We're always interested in hearing our podmates' Attunement experiences.
Feel free to email us at any time, and update us on your journey.
We especially want to hear from you if you don't call in to the post-Attunement phone call.
In that case, please be sure to drop us an email within a few days, and let us know how you're doing and what you're experiencing.

We're so looking forward to diving into this next Dolphin Attunement with you!
We thank you, Dolphin thanks you, and Mother Earth thanks you for receiving this gift.


Oceans of LOVE & Bubbles of JOY!

O o O o O o O o O o O o 

Linda and David 



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