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Splish-Splash - News Flash!

Bimini Wild Dolphin Swim Retreat

News Flash!

Linda will be Co-Hosting
Bimini Wild Dolphin Adventure:

"Unity-Community ~
   We Come in Service"

with Mare Cromwell,  
"The Voice of Earth Mother Gaia"
in Bimini, July 26 - August 1!
Limited Space & Reduced Price
Learn More Here.

New World-Wide Phone #s for the Free 
Global Dolphin Energy Healing Tele-Circle

Have you been reading about this dolphin healing tele-circle and wanted to participate, but didn't want to pay for an international call to the U.S.?

Linda, David and Dolphin are bringing through such profound gifts in these healing tele-circles, we've wanted to make it easy for our world-wide dolphin-loving community to participate!

So ... we are now using a new conference call service that offers local telephone number options for many countries

But first, there's something else we'd like you to know about these calls. Every week is a completely different experience. Dolphins don't "do" boring and routine! Each week, after some fun connecting and sharing time that usually involves plenty of giggling and laughter, David or Linda opens the "Dolphin channel" and brings through a powerful and unique guided process that leads the pod into the receiving experience.

Recent examples of these guided experiences have included:

  • Guest visits by various beings of the sea, such as seaweed and pilot whale, each with their own unique teachings and gifts to share.
  • Calling forth of the New Earth energies for personal and planetary healing.

  • Deep dives into Self-Love.
  • And so much more!

Intrigued? Curious? 

Click Here for all the information and the full list of phone numbers. Feel free to invite your family and friends. We look forward to hearing your voice on these calls!

A Message from Linda

Everything’s Different Now …

My dolphin journey seems to unfold in 7-year increments. For the first 7 years, from 1996-2003, the Dolphins led me on a profound inner journey of healing, transformation, growth … and metamorphosis. The culmination of this journey resulted in a spiritual awakening. I woke up one morning in January 2003, brand new. I affectionately refer to this phase as Dolphin Heart World 1.0.

For the next 7 years, 2003-2010, my main focus was creating and teaching an in-depth 15-month program, Dolphin Healing HeArts … A Gateway to the New Paradigm (a.k.a. Dolphin School), with my husband and beloved, David. We traveled a lot (mostly to Holland!) to teach it. During these 7 years, we shared this gift with 9 pods in Holland, and 6 pods in the U.S – around 300 podmates altogether. I refer to this phase as Dolphin Heart World 2.0.

Now, the creation of Dolphin Heart World 3.0 is underway. And the form of Dolphin School is transforming. It’s lightening up, loosening up, tech'ing up, and coming into harmony with the rhythm and flow of today’s dynamic times and technologies.

We are in the process of completely redesigning our programs ... and our website ... so that our offerings will be accessible to our friends all over the world. Stay tuned! Lots will change over the upcoming days, weeks and months. But our mission hasn’t changed. We’re still about …

Bringing the Gifts of the Dolphins …
From Sea to Land

In the meantime, click here for up-to-date information about opportunities to play with me and the dolphins now!  

In Dolphin Love & Joy!

Linda Shay
Dolphin Ambassador

Love Heals. Joy Transforms.
Dolphins are Pure Love and Joy! (& so are we!)

The awareness that there is
 a new way upon the planet
is spreading.

There is a way of living
 that is more joyful
 that humans can reach for

and there is a pathway…

Reaching for a higher consciousness, 
reaching for a higher wisdom,
a higher love, 
is the only thing that will bring this planet
 to a renewed future.

- Archie, our Dolphin Spirit Guide   

Dolphin’s Perspective of Our Mission:


We recently received a profound communication from Archie, the spokesdolphin of our spirit dolphin council.  The purpose of this communication was to elevate our awareness to the bigger picture of what Dolphin and we are doing together.  This is what the dolphins 
told us:


It is our desire to heal the hearts of humanity—all of humanity.


You have used these words, but you are only beginning to let yourself feel them, let alone think about what that will mean and can mean.


If we were to speak in terms of time, this school that you are creating for us, and for yourself, of course, and for humanity—but this school that you are creating for us, is part of a progression in time which—of course it goes back thousands of years, but most directly, began, let us say 60 years ago and continues 200 to 250 years into the future.  And your personal role in this plan extends for, it would be helpful to think of it as extending for the next 40-50 years.


So much for retirement!


This message stirred us to our core.  It feels huge.  And, we know that we’re not doing this alone.  We have tremendous spiritual support.  In addition, there are so many gifted dolphin ambassadors in the world today.  Each has a piece of the exquisite tapestry Dolphin is weaving in and around our planet for the purpose of human and planetary healing.  We are honored to be a part of this inter-species, interdimensional pod of humans and cetaceans.  We joyfully weave our rainbow thread into the larger tapestry, and make our contribution to the Dolphin vision of a healed and whole humanity.


 Our Mission...