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About Linda Shay

Dolphin Ambassador, Spiritual Teacher, 
Pioneer in the field of Dolphin Energy Healing

After eighteen years in the corporate world, I realized something profound was missing in my life.  I took a sabbatical in 1993 and embarked upon a journey of self-discovery.  From the boardroom to swimming with wild dolphins, my life has never been the same.

In a remarkable close encounter with a wild dolphin off the coast of Hawaii in 1996, I received a profound spiritual initiation.  When I returned to my home in the sacred red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, people I encountered began having spontaneous transformational experiences.  I discovered that I had become a vehicle for the energy and consciousness of the dolphins!

From that moment forward, my life has been spent in a fantastic exploration of this inter-dimensional, inter-species relationship.  This exploration extends to my healing and transformation work with clients, students, and podmates from around the world.

I've written a book about my 7-year journey of discovery with the dolphins, titled "DOLPHIN LOVE ... From Sea to Land."


In January 2003, the dolphins told me that the inner transformational journey that they guided me through was now complete, and it was time to begin initiating others to this unique spiritual path.  Dolphin Healing HeArts…A Gateway to the New Paradigm was born.  This school, described by the dolphins as an adventure in healing and consciousness, became the focus of my life, and my indescribable joy.

In November 2010, another momentous change happened in my work, and the Dolphin Attunement Journey was born. Now it is possible for podmates all over the world to receive these extraordinary gifts from the dolphins, without needing to travel.

It is an honor and privilege to join with the dolphins in their mission to bring greater joy, love, peace and play to humanity, and to Mother Earth.


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