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 There are countless wonderful people and organizations out there doing great work with dolphins, and exploring the human-dolphin connection.  While this has been my ‘field’ since 1996, the dolphins have not led me to explore others’ work.  Rather, they’ve encouraged me to stay within my own experience, to gain my own wisdom from them directly.  Therefore, the dolphin community with which I have had personal experience is quite small.  Following are links to people I’ve had positive personal experience with, or whose information has crossed my path.

Joan Ocean   The first time I met Joan Ocean and hugged her, I was amazed as I walked away.  My heart space was so open, I literally felt a cool breeze passing through the center of my chest, as if it was hollow!  Joan is the pioneer of the human-dolphin swim encounter.  She is an incredible source of inspiration and wisdom, not only about our cetacean family, the dolphins and whales, but also about the implications their teachings have for humanity.  Joan’s books are a must-read for anyone interested in entering into deeper communion with dolphins and whales.

ETFriends  This is Joan Ocean’s newest website, geared to sharing her experiences connecting with benevolent ETs (extra-terrestrials).  Again, Joan is on the cutting edge of opening our hearts and minds to what’s possible. 

Dolphin Synergy  Daniel McCulloch is, in my opinion, the premier dolphin photographer and videographer.  We met Daniel and his lovely family in Bimini, the Bahamas, in 1997, just after he'd completed a two-week stint filming the Bimini spotted dolphins.  He took us to his hotel room and showed us his raw footage, which was breathtaking and astonishing.  We've since become very good friends.  Visit his website for stunning dolphin prints, posters and inspiration.

Dolphin Spirit of Hawaii  Trish Regan and Doug Hackett are cornerstones in the human-dolphin community in Hawaii.  Our paths recently converged at a big spiritual festival in The Netherlands!  They were sharing messages of the dolphins, whales and Ascended Masters 3 tents away from our Dolphin Healing HeArts tent!  They are beautiful ambassadors of the dolphin spirit, and offer year-round workshops and retreat programs in Hawaii.

DolphinVille  This is a collaborative website of the human-dolphin community that lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This site is a blissful journey into the realm of what’s possible when like-hearted souls gather together, co-creating fulfilling lives that uplift the frequency of humanity and the planet.  In addition to inspiring stories and photos, this is the site to visit if you choose to visit this magical island yourself.  There are links to dolphin guides and retreat facilitators, who can help you to create a truly magical Big Island adventure.

Friends of ours

These are friends of ours who have helped and inspired us along the way:

Summer Bacon  Summer Bacon is a very pure trance medium who channels the loving spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles.  We met Summer before she began channeling Dr. Peebles professionally.  The first time we met, we were sitting in our living room and Summer began telling us about Dr. Peebles…how he came into her life and how impacted she was by his love and guidance.  Then she said, “Do you want to meet him?”  “Sure!” we replied enthusiastically.  She popped into trance right then and there and we had our first amazing encounter with Dr. Peebles.  That was the beginning of a long, beautiful relationship. If it weren’t for Dr. Peebles, I probably would have bailed on my dolphin adventure long ago, and all that we’re sharing with the world now would not exist.  I am convinced that the dolphins led Summer through our door that balmy summer night.  I can’t recommend Summer and her channelings enough. 

Simple Spirituality  Bev Scott is an angel on earth who is Summer Bacon’s personal assistant.  Bev has been so moved by Dr. Peebles’ messages, that she felt compelled to transcribe many of them and post them to a website for the world to see.  Bev is an amazing energy healer as well…hands and heart of gold.

Solsara  Naka-Ima is a Japanese expression that means "here-now," or "inside the present moment."   Naka-Ima is also the name of an experiential workshop  that is "dedicated to learning, living, and teaching sustainable, ecologically-based culture."  Some of the founders of Naka-Ima are long-time friends of David's - one goes back to Junior High School!  (Update - The name has been changed from Naka-Ima to "Solsara.")

The dolphins guided us to the Naka-Ima workshop during the time that Dolphin Healing HeArts was first coming into form, and we were deeply influenced by the profound experience of connectedness that Naka-Ima creates - very much in alignment with the teachings of the dolphins.  This is a group of dedicated people doing wonderful work, and we recommend them highly!

Ann Albers  Ann Albers is a gifted spiritual teacher and angel communicator.  She has touched countless lives with her gifts.  Ann produces a weekly email “Message from the Angels” that is both inspiring and down-to-earth practical.  You can sign up on her website to receive it.  I can’t think of a better way to start the week!

Betsy Domanski is a photographic artist and a friend.  We love her and we love her work!


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