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About David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal is my partner in this sacred work. In 1996, David and I met just a few hours before I received the message to go to Hawaii to swim with the wild dolphins.

Words cannot begin to express my profound gratitude for what David has been to me. He was my life raft, as I dove into the deep waters of the unknown in my personal transformational journey.  His unconditional love, support and caring buoyed me and kept me moving forward.  I wouldn't be where I am now without him.

David has led a varied life.  He started out to be a physicist.  But a series of paranormal and mystical experiences set him on a very different path.  He became a passionate student of psychology, philosophy, spirituality and mysticism.  This led him into a career teaching transformational seminars and trainings.  When I met him, he was working as a software architect, designing a software package that continues to be the leading system in its field, nationwide.  For many years, Davidís work in the corporate world supported us and freed me to fully concentrate on my journey with the Dolphin Consciousness.

After my breakthrough happened in early 2003, David participated as a student in the very first Dolphin Healing HeArts pod.  By his Fourth Attunement, Davidís passion for teaching rose to the surface.  It became clear to both of us that we were meant to teach the Dolphin Healing HeArts pods together.

David originated the concept of the Dolphin Life Skills.  When we teach together, this area is his specialty.  Much of the structure and curriculum of our school comes directly from information that David has channeled from his dolphin spirit guide, who calls himself ďArchieĒ.

Davidís years of experience supporting me through my own journey with the dolphins has given him unique preparation for supporting each student through their own process as they receive and integrate the Dolphin Attunements. 

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