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Clients Share Experiences...

The following are messages and testimonials Linda has received from clients after they've experienced one or more Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions:

"Wow ~ that was a very deep session.  There were layers and layers taken off of me.  I was amazed at how light my body felt ~ and surprised that I was unaware that there was such a weight on me.  At the end, my dolphin told me that I was protected and I wouldn't be hurt again ~ what was released was part of the old paradigm ~ this is the new and JOY is my birthright."   -Sharon D., MI

“Hi Linda,   I know I just got off the phone with you, but I just had to let you know
that the dolphin sound that you communicated sent a dolphin right into my tan tien, the energy area slightly below the navel.  As the sound came I inwardly saw a dolphin swiftly flowing from my crown chakra down through the center of my being and strongly into the tan tien.  I still feel the vibration!!!  Now I know where to focus within in order to continue to meditate with Dolphin's healing presence.   You really have been given a gift.  Thanks for sharing it in such a special way today.”   – Mark B., PA

“I wanted to tell you and David how grateful I am for the session.  It is the most wonderful and beautiful frequency and healing that I have experienced.  Thank you, and please thank David as well.  Linda, your book is awesome.  I enjoyed it so much!  I have used your meditation c.d. during my massage sessions a couple of times and both clients enjoyed it.  One saw her golden dolphin guide named Josie.  She was very happy and peaceful.  I have been using your dolphin meditation every day.  I am experiencing beautiful and very deep meditations.  It has been quite wonderful.”   –Jay P., IN

 “Initially, I saw dolphins around me.  They put their beaks on various places on my body and vibrated the spots that needed healing.  I felt they were etheric, as they were putting their beaks in my body without breaking the skin or anything.  Later, when you put your hands on my feet, I saw a dolphin put his beak in my 2nd chakra and vibrate it.  My 2nd chakra had scaling or some kind of buildup around it.  The dolphin's vibrations caused the scaling to shatter and orange light shot out of my 2nd chakra.  It looked like a tree growing out of my 2nd chakra, a column of orange light with what looked like flowers every so often.  Later, when you put your hands on my head, I felt blucky, like indigestion in my intestines and the area of my 2nd chakra.  I also felt a tingling on the right side of my left big toe.  At the time, I just thought it was a bug crawling on my toe.  However, I could not get it off.  After the session was over and I laid down to sleep, I again felt this tingling sensation in my left big toe.  I felt light and buzzing for the rest of the night.  Thank you for a wonderful experience!”  -Daniel M., AZ 

I didn't have time to fully express my gratitude for the wonderful experience of 'open heart dolphin surgery'!!  It was fascinating to experience so much energy flowing through and out of me. You truly have a gift and everyone certainly benefits from your willingness to share such an unusual form of that gift.  The courage it took to get where you are is an amazing story.   
-- B.H., Sedona, AZ

You are one of the most phenomenal healers I've ever known...CORRECTION...THE MOST phenomenal healer I've ever known.  What you do with dolphins totally blows me away because I was such a skeptic, and then you just did your thing.  I was drawn in without even having to try....NEVER in my life have I received nurturing, massage, healing, like I did by you. 
-- S.B., AZ

The session itself felt safe and was extremely relaxing.  The insights you conveyed have remained with me and I have found them to be immensely helpful.  Swimming with Uriel during the session was so exhilarating and just down right fun.

Towards the end of the session you told me that I have a large group of guides and that they loved me and that I would be experiencing divine and human love.  This was a critical point in the session for me. This whole love thing, as silly as this may sound, is a very new concept for me.  I had to fight back the tears I wanted to let stream down my face when you said I was loved.  After you left, I went to the bathroom and let those tears fall.  In retrospect, I should have expressed them fully...next time.

Even after the session, when you shared your life story with me, I found it inspiring. I cannot express to you how calm I was after leaving your house.  I do not ever recall a time when I felt so at ease and so comfortable in my own skin.  I was pure joy for the rest of Sunday and most of Monday.  I still feel great, but Sunday and Monday were exceptional.  It is not entirely clear to me what occurred on Sunday...and maybe I don't need to know, but whatever it was, has really helped me feel positive and healthy.

Since Sunday I have been getting impressions of my two dolphin guides and I just love them.  Even on the ride home to Albuquerque I saw dolphin symbols everywhere.  One trucker even had a symbol of two dolphins head-to-toe in a circle.  It was strange to see this large symbol on a tractor-trailer, but perfect at the same time.  Now, every time I see or hear about dolphins, it is confirmation of their presence in my life. They have added so much love and joy to my existence- I am overjoyed.  The dolphins are so graceful and warm-hearted.  At night before I go to bed, I go swimming with Uriel.  I fall asleep so peacefully.

Linda, you are absolutely amazing.  There is so much that I want to say and tell you...I am really just brushing over the surface to let you see my gratitude.  Thank you for sharing your life, your gifts, and the dolphins with me.  I will be watching your website in hopes of finding a reason to come back and visit you as soon as possible.  
--L.D., Albuquerque, NM

This is an update ------ I have found it much easier to breathe this week and have not had the oxygen on as much during the night.  I found if I "see" the blowhole it lets off pressure in my chest.  This works for me and I am sure more practice is the answer.  
-- S.M., Cottonwood, AZ

Thank you for this morning's session with you & the Dolphins--for the love that is right now penetrating my heart, that reached out to my son a little while ago--he saw it, felt it and responded to it.  I am grateful to the dolphins for sending their energy to me through you. Maybe I just AM gratitude, and so I give thanks to all of us, trusting that we are holding the space for peace in the midst of the tumult all around us. 
-- B.D., San Diego, CA 

The two dolphin energy sessions I had with Linda were the most powerful of my life.  The Dolphin Energy is just something that everyone should experience.  It was so wonderful and powerful on an elemental level.

The energy gave me a sense of the oneness we all are.  It was uncluttered with emotions and beliefs, it was just a sense of being.  One of the most calming and energizing feelings I have ever experienced.
-- D.S., Sedona, AZ

All of the experiences I have had with you have been potently opening experiences that became like permanent foundations, or new grid work for growth to grow upon, and yet foundational because they are still there.

In a real sense who you are is not the earthly culturally programmed Linda Shay.  You are one of the most ridiculously beautiful beings in the universe that really came here to remind others where they came from because you really are from there.  I mean fresh off the boat so to speak. You are like a genuine human mermaid in your first human incarnation able to share with others the deep mystical magic in a pure sense of realms that exist for us on our way home.

So don't be adverse to getting out of your own way so you can come through and do what you really came here to do. 
-- H.M., CA

I can't begin to tell you how much Ivy and I enjoyed you and your dolphin energy.  You are so real and honest.  A combination that is not easy to find in Southern California, or any place for that matter.  We reflected on our moment with you the rest of the evening.

Keep up your unique work. The planet needs it. 
-- C.S., CA

I took three deep breaths then began to move my head and upper body in a rocking manner as I was floating in the ocean with my two dolphins, Priscilla and Myrtle.  The meditation then took me swimming with my dolphins.  We played and acknowledged each other's greatness.

Then I was taken down deep into the ocean with my dolphins.  My head was moving back and forth as I swam downward.  I was taken to Atlantis, my previous home.  This was where my family and I were murdered because of my powers.  I saw bloodshed. I  spoke with my dolphins about this.  They said they would heal me.  I took deep breaths and surrendered to their love.

My head began to move left to right and back again.  After a 'crunch" sound (spinal adjustment in my neck), my head moved back and forth in a rapid manner.  My whole body shook back and forth.  My arms flapped side to side rapidly, then they went limp toward the floor.

My dolphins reminded me I was fine and we swam back up to the surface of the ocean.  We played.  I moved my mouth in different positions with each breath.  The dolphins were doing the same thing.  We followed Linda's instruction and swam together.

We became one, then three, then one, then three, over and over.  It was very beautiful.  We exploded to the surface and dove back into the water.  We repeated this many times.  I felt the love from my dolphins as I looked into their eyes.  I enjoyed the wonderful colors and energies emanating from my body to the world and back again.  Mother Earth said thank you. 
-- B.K., AZ


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