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Healing Sessions

More and more people are feeling attracted to dolphins due to their innate sense that the dolphins can help them. Yet it is not possible, or practical, for everyone who loves dolphins to go to swim with them in the ocean. 

In a dolphin energy healing session, you receive the same energy that you would receive if you were swimming with the dolphins physically...and often more!

In a session, you and your Divine Self co-create your experience with the energy and consciousness of the dolphins. Because the dolphins live in the Oneness, they serve as a bridge to All That Is.

You set the intention for what you would like to receive from the session, and your Dolphin Energy Practitioner holds the space for the healing and transformation to occur. The practitioner also serves as a vehicle for the dolphin love energy to flow through.  The practitioner does not manipulate this energy in any way.

Healings can be given in person or remotely by telephone.  It's always amazing how profound these remote healing sessions can be - there truly is no difference if the client is on the massage table or in another part of the world.

Here are a few things you can do to maximize your healing experience:

  • Enter into the healing session with an open heart and mind. Release all expectations. Be open for your highest good to occur.
  • Be clear in your intention to release any and all limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you; and be open and willing to receive the higher vibrational frequencies that do.
  • Consider investing in a series of sessions. While each session is profound, the healing process is an unwinding of the old, and a bringing-to-the-surface of what's real and true. A series of sessions allows for the deepest release and the highest level of awakening to occur.