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Dolphin Love ... From Sea To Land

Reader's comments:

WOW. I am really awe-struck; not just by the depth and vastness of your own journey, but by how you have written about it. Completely you, completely entertaining, and yet full of silence, authenticity, and love. ~ Cynthia C., Hawaii

I just want to say once again, how much I enjoyed your book. I absolutely loved your conversations with Keiko, and it was so interesting to see how similar they were to mine and other communicators’. You are an excellent communicator! This is information and experience that needs to be out there. And I am so glad that you are doing this. ~ Mary Getten, Animal Communicator; author of Communicating with Orcas: The Whales’ Perspective

When I read your book, I was also reading two other spiritual adventure stories about alternate worlds and realities. When I put those books down, I returned to my normal life. When I put your book down, I was altered. And so was my world. For the better! 

I get the feeling you are guiding me away from mere rational comprehension, toward experiencing the deeper mystery. You tantalize the reader with life filled with spiritual adventure. You shift our focus into life that is totally and joyfully immersed in spiritual purpose. Reading this, I feel inspired, and challenged. ~ Michael Eason, Arizona

I finished reading your book last night.  What a story!  I really enjoyed it and didn't want it to end.  Thanks for sharing your story, it really has helped me with exploring my own dolphin connection.   Reading about Chuckles brought tears to my eyes, as did the end of the book.  Your book opened up a whole new world to me...there's so much I didn't realize about the dolphins and the ocean.  It is very helpful to me to know that I can bring the ocean to me, and that I don't have to go to it.  Thank you so much!  -Emily M., AZ 

These last 48 hours, since finishing your book, have taken me deep into letting go once more and opening to the truth of my path of service.  Yes, you are right.  The dolphins and the water spirits really are calling us to bring their message to those living on the land....how to be present and flowing in each moment....to open the heart fully to life and one another....modeling the concept of pod living...being in oneness....finding ecstasy in being in what is.....moving past the fear to YES.  So many pieces of my puzzle are coming in so quickly right now.  The day of crying and releasing opened up several new doors.  Your book, your energy, your compassion have been a wonderful catalyst.  It is so good to know you are out there and that I am not alone here.  I feel validated by the mirror of you and your courage to say yes to it all.  I got to experience two dolphins spiraling up my spine today and out my crown.  My body feels fluid deep inside as if I am an ocean in and of myself.  It should be a very interesting work week!  - Sariah M., CA

First, thank you for sharing your life with me through your book. I just finished and I wanted to express my admiration for your courage in sharing your journey as you did. Bravo!! You are an inspiration.  A.B.I., AZ

I read your book last week while visiting my sister in San Francisco after the birth of her baby girl. I wrote some notes down about your book and here they are (I think you will be pleased):

The cover is beautiful and it gave me the sense of connection. The words you wrote to me felt very loving and I cried with heartfelt emotion of love. Thank you for that blessing.

I put your book down once, then I could not put it down again until the end.

On page 32- Dolphin Healing Energy- I felt waves of energy tingling through my body from head to toe. This occurred several more times as I continued to read.

While reading how to open my blow hole, I did the procedure. Shortly after that I sensed a dolphin suspended in the air (or rather floating in the "ocean") just to the side of each shoulder. I then sensed (third eye) a circle of dolphins around me and I was at the center. They began to swim around me, then through me. They were swimming through the center of my brain and about 2 feet in front and back of my head in a figure eight pattern. Yes, this would be the infinity symbol. While this occurred my head was moving rapidly in a similar fashion. This is kind of hard to explain, it's easier to show you my head movement in person, but I think your dolphins will help you see. This event occurred twice while reading your book. They told me these were attunements.

I cried about Chuckles spending his life in the zoo. I have since cried more. I never know when it will occur, I just start crying and thinking about his grand sacrifice (yet for him it was an honor to do it). By the way the first time I saw a manatee up close I was overwhelmed with love.

Linda, I received a healing while reading your book. Thank you for writing it and being you. I feel I can appreciate your journey because I've been through and sometimes struggle at times with my Spiritual Journey, although it feels easier than the beginning. Thank you for validating my feelings and my knowledge of Being.

Your book was a serendipitous experience and I look forward to more books from you!  B.K., AZ

I'm still enjoying your book and it's the neatest thing, I feel the beautiful dolphins all around me while I read!! A.A., AZ

I just started reading your book this week. I took it to my office, to give myself a lovely place to go during my lunch break and thought I would leave it there to read for this purpose. But I had to take it home with me this weekend and finish it. I loved it!! It was so lovely to read about your experiences and I want to thank and commend you for taking the risk to put it all out there!!!! L.W., MA

I just want to say thank you again for writing your book. My dolphins are assisting me in private shamanic healing meditations I am doing on myself in my meditation garden each evening. I do have other guides from the animal world that assist also, however, it's nice to have two friends that are always at my side, ready to help and heal.

Bless you in your work and play, B.K., AZ

Your story, so simple, so beautiful, with so many of the same experiences and thoughts and emotions as mine, gave me the confirmation that what I was experiencing was real and valid...it helped me understand all that is going on with me and acknowledging the truth of my purpose. Already, a new level of working with the dolphins is coming in...a quiet, deeper energetic sense of them....a heart opening that is more identifiable if that makes sense. I realize in reading your story that my longing for the dolphins, the water, keeps an aspect of me out of the present moment....I have always known the dolphins and the water are inside me, a part of who I am, but now that understanding is integrating on a level that will allow me to ground that world in this land environment...

…In short, your book was the perfect mirror to see myself...to define my journey and free me up to accept even deeper who I am and how I must stand in the world....your book, your sharing, felt like a personal gift from the dolphins to me. Mahalo for everything. S.M., CA 

Been reading your book.. it is so wonderful... feel like I am on the awakening journey with you! P.B., FL 

In your book you related your ongoing experiences with feeling isolated, unable to "merge" and/or become the energy you knew to be you (i.e., the ocean, dolphins). While this must have been or may still at times be so painful for you to recall, I want to thank you deeply for your candor, as through the vibes you relayed through your words, I've come to a deeper understanding of the "disconnectedness" I've felt since returning from my travels.  E.E., AZ

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