The First Dolphin Attunement
 A Gateway to the New Paradigm

Take the first step on this (r)evolutionary
spiritual path created for humanity
by the spiritually advanced 
Dolphin Consciousness. 


The awareness that there is
a new way upon the planet
is spreading. 

There is a way of living
that is more joyful
that humans can reach for… 

and there is a pathway… 

Reaching for a higher consciousness, 
reaching for a higher wisdom,
a higher love, 
is the only thing that will bring this planet
to a renewed future.

                                                   - Archie, our Dolphin Spirit Guide 


When you receive the First Dolphin Attunement,
a brand new you is conceived.
The birthing process of your new self has begun …
a self attuned to the exquisite frequencies

embodied by our beloved dolphin family:

The frequency of JOY



flow of LOVE



                as never before!

Since …

The quality of your consciousness determines 
the quality of your life experience ... 

It's awe-inspiring to realize ...

The Dolphin Attunements will
permanently elevate your human consciousness.

Based on what we've experienced ourselves, what our podmates have told us, and what we've observed over the past 11 years facilitating 500+ people through this journey, here is a taste of what you may experience on your own journey:

  • The evolution of your human consciousness and your human form greatly accelerates, as you journey toward “becoming the source” of Dolphin Love and Joy!

  • Your life is imbued with magic, wonder, and Dolphin synchronicity! 

  • Your rate of personal healing, growth, and transformation greatly accelerates. 

  • Your soul’s evolution quickens. 

  • You begin to live more from love and less from fear.

  • You experience more joy, ease, and play in your life … and less pain, resistance, and struggle.

  • You easily connect with All of Life, more authentically and joyfully ~ including with your fellow humans!

  • You are fully immersed in the frequency of the dolphins throughout your entire journey.

  • You are abundantly supported, every step of the way, by loving and wise spirit dolphins, as well as a loving and supportive global human pod!

Are you ready to dive into into this
extraordinary human-dolphin adventure &
connect even more deeply and intimately
with the dolphins than you are now?

Join us for your First Dolphin Attunement …

Your First Dolphin Attunement

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I see that this is the “First” Dolphin Attunement … how many are there?

A: There are seven Dolphin Attunements.
They are received over time.
The entire journey can be completed in as little as 6 months.
Or you can choose to take longer. 
One doesn’t become a human dolphin overnight!

Once you've received your First Dolphin Attunement, you can receive the six remaining Dolphin Attunements as part of our flagship program: 

The Dolphin Attunement Journey
A Dolphin Path for the Evolving Human

Archie, our dolphin spirit guide and the spokesdolphin for the Cetacean Council that guides our work, recently described The Dolphin Attunement Journey as akin to a new baby's journey in the womb. 
The First Attunement is the conception, and the Seventh Attunement is the birth of a brand new being - a brand new you - on planet Earth.

Receiving your First Attunement is a way to "dip your toe into the waters" of this remarkable gift from the Dolphin Consciousness.

Q: How can I learn more about The Dolphin Attunement Journey ?

A: The best way is to receive your First Attunement! 
This will give you a direct experience of this path, and you'll appreciate this gift the dolphins are offering us in a way that words alone can never express. 

The First Dolphin Attunement is profoundly powerful and valuable all by itself. Beyond your First Attunement, there is no obligation to continue, and there is no risk. 
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the First Dolphin Attunement, no questions asked.

After you've received your First Attunement, we'll send you full information about The Dolphin Attunement Journey.
We'll also invite you to have a personal Dolphin Discovery Call with Linda, to explore together whether this journey might be your best next step on your spiritual journey. 


People can learn a lot from dolphins …
To live in harmony, to create love between people,
To live the life they were meant to live.

When people come into contact with dolphin energy,
They realize their source …
And their future.

                          ~ Mikey the cat!


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In the Words of Our Podmates …

How fun and joyous and illuminating this is. 
I felt so full of heart energy, while also, after the Attunement, it seemed that much "information"/food for creative consideration poured through.
It was exciting to be feeling like a big warm ball of love, while taking notes on spatial dynamics, vortex healing, chakra to planet synch ups, etc etc - gee whiz. 
Most of all, soooooooooo very beautiful to drop into shared heart space that feels open to all.
Thank you so much for your gift.

A few days later …
Feeling a wondrous, Complete , joyous connection "over here" - dances of insights, practical tips, creative flow – but, most of all, joyous swimming of being. 
I am excited for another day of joyful discovery ---------

     ~ S.F., Brooklyn NY, USA

The play opened on Friday night and one of the members of the theater's management team told me I did a wonderful job. 
The words he used to describe my performance was that my character had such JOY! 

I know my journey with the dolphins has infused my acting!

~ Shirley Coggon, San Diego CA, USA

My journey keeps changing direction, and at times I can get quite giddy from all the change.
BUT it's so exciting and I simply have no idea what will happen next as the mystery unfolds. 
The Dolphins sure don't do boring!  :)

Career wise ... I am doing a fair amount of Corporate Coaching, however there's lots of flow and ease, and somehow through me and the coaching, the Dolphins are shifting consciousness in extraordinary ways.
I basically show up and hand over and nothing short of miracles are happening.

I know this is the dolphins, because I've always had exceptional results when I coach, BUT never like this!
It's wondrous to say the least! 

     ~ Miki Oshua, South Africa

The dolphin energy always deeply transforms my energy state and I love the feeling. 
I love familiarizing myself with this energy! 
Thank you, thank you!

~ L.S., Brooklyn NY USA

Since our session this morning with all the other dolphins (and Whale!), I have felt a sense of peace that was missing for too long and was so welcomed home. 
I wrote in my journal "I feel - A Happier Life" and drew a heart around it.

My day was more smooth and my connections stronger. 
It was like gliding through the waves harmoniously rather than fighting against them.

Thank You Linda and David for helping me to REconnect not only with self but with these other beautiful podmates!

God's blessing to you and to us all, especially the dolphins.

~ Bonnie Blue, Rhode Island USA

Dolphin school has been one of the most fulfilling things I ever did, after such a long search of more than 25 years. 
To me, nothing can be compared with it. 

The Dolphin Attunements had an impact directly on 
my soul. 

All my perceptions of the world, and myself, have changed.

     ~ Greet Somers, Belgium 

Since I’ve been on this journey, my angel communication has become even more powerful.

I have become even more joyful.

There are moments of such intense joy in my life that sometimes it takes my breath away!

     ~ N.H., North Dakota USA

Linda, I want to say a really big thank you to you and David for what you do.

Your integrity in bringing forth the dolphins so profoundly makes it such a real experience for us all. 
I feel such appreciation that you listened to your heart. 
Your work with the dolphins is so real.

You know, we can’t have this experience anywhere else on Earth, so this is just amazing that we found our way here as a pod. 
That you offer this in this lifetime ... it’s just amazing. 

~ Bart Zimmerman., Texas USA

Boy, my life is different.

My life flows in ways that I always wanted it to, but it didn’t.
Like if someone asks me to do something and I really don’t want to do it, before I can even tell them “no,” they tell me they’ve found another way.

So, it’s like it just instantly happens. It’s miraculous!

~ B.R., Oklahoma USA

I feel so much support!

Linda’s available, David’s available, we have Wednesdays, we have Thursdays, a beautiful website, we exchange Dolphin Healing sessions ...

So yeah, I so enjoy being a part of this community, and knowing that there are people I can talk to and be supported by.

And also I have my beautiful dolphin guide, and since my 2nd Attunement, another dolphin came to me who looks a lot like Archie. That’s wonderful!

~ A.D., California USA 

The thing that has stood out for me about this journey is that for years I had worked on, processed, cleared, all of the things that had been taken on -- and this is sort of a "tying the bow" incarnation for me -- so it was from a lot of different worlds and a lot of different lifetimes.

But what the dolphins (and Whale) really helped me with was coming back to the JOY, and coming back to that core essence of PLAY, and letting go of all of the definitions and boxes and labels of what that meant -- should be, shouldn't be, was, wasn't -- and just being able to flow with it.

~ N.M., Colorado USA 

Since receiving my third Attunement, every afternoon I’m over-filled with joy, a very deep feeling. 
And I know it's coming because it feels like a wave that comes over me.

Not sure why not in the morning?! 
I guess my other emotions made a deal saying "let me be silly, mean, or sad for a couple hours and the joy can take over the rest of the day."

It's funny, I love it. My body gets slightly warm. It feels like I'm getting a constant Attunement.
I'm so thankful for it, my boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious how joyful and overly funny I get. 

I say it's all the dolphins :)) 

~ Cierra Wilmore, Maryland USA

You have been a huge help to me since I began this journey with the dolphins. 
I am realizing just how much baggage I brought with me - particularly from these last five years.

The words came to me the other day that all the magic had left my life ... 
It is really hard to think about just where I was and where I was headed. 

Just for a very brief moment this morning, I felt a glimmer of how I will feel when I am totally aligned with my true self. 
It felt that it was about letting everything just go. 
I felt the Dolphins say, “We will take care of everything.” 

So much is shifting that sometimes I feel I could just sit down and cry. 

~ Hara, Arizona USA

Many, many thanks to you and to Dolphin for making it possible for me to bring in such powerful Sirian energy today. 

The power of this energy was so great that it would have overwhelmed me without the assistance of Dolphin through you. 

Mother Earth and her people are in a much better place tonight because of you. 

~ L.P., Georgia USA

Now, almost one week after the 5th Attunement, this “dorsal fin feeling” pops up every now and then, but never during meditation – isn't that remarkable?

I feel great, graceful, happy and blessed.

Thank you, dear Linda, David, Ocean and Angels of the Sea!
Dear pod-mates, I embrace you with all my Love and Joy.

~ Sylvia Fricker, Germany

Whale energy is still around me at this moment and I like it.

Found myself this morning without thoughts in my head. 

Nice for a change, hahahaha.

~ M. D., The Netherlands

What’s been happening to me lately is that I’m finding my voice.
In finding that voice, spilling joy and bubbles from Dolphin out into the world.

Just recently a woman came into my shop, and I hugged her, and she said to me, “Bonnie, when you hug me I feel such joy!”
I don’t know that I’m giving that to her, but it made me feel joyful that she was receiving joy, and I believe that was coming from the dolphins.

It lifts my spirits to lift other people’s spirits.

~ Bonnie Blue, Rhode Island USA

There’s more ease.

Releasing things from the past goes more quickly and gently.
What I haven’t released from my childhood is in my face to be released very easily and gently.

It’s more “lack of attachment” is the way to describe it. 
So it’s whatever happens, and allowing it to be.

~ Sandy Bond, Arizona USA

When I have a question now, I try to still myself, and I check in and ask the dolphins. 

I notice that there's more clarity for me now, and that the comfort of safety is coming closer to me. 

It's a wonderful journey!

~ D. W., California USA 

I’m noticing more ease, and my heart feels like it’s healing. 

It’s more open, especially around other people, when I just go out and connect with people during the day.
I love to play, and I love to laugh, and that part of me is just coming out more spontaneously with people that I just met, and that’s truly fun.

And also, my healing sessions are becoming much more powerful.
I gave a healing to a friend of mine. 
She’s going through some major stuff.
She had an incredible shift with it, and it was just so cool.

~ A.W., California USA

I've been experiencing so much personal growth on so many levels. 
And my healing sessions have gotten deeper and stronger.

I'm attracting people to me who are coming to me and saying "I want YOU to heal me." 
And I have to trust that, even though what they are coming to me with isn't anything I thought I could heal before. 

And I'm getting really quick in manifesting.

And the beauty of this, that I just love so much, is that with this abundance thing, there was a time in my life when I focused on the money and the payment of it. 
And I just don't focus on that anymore. It's just not a part of it. 

And so, it's all just coming together. It's really amazing! 
It feels really right, and truly perfect, and IT IS!

And I am experiencing so much gratefulness. 
My clients will say "I am grateful to you," but I am just so much more grateful to them! 
That's been such a wonderful shift for me, it's been very powerful.

~ F. G., New York USA

In the past, being in crowds or interacting with large groups of people were draining activities for me.

I could do it for professional conferences and speaking engagements but would avoid large groups in personal areas, where I have more choices. 
Going to parties or giving parties was more stressful than enjoyable. 
Going to Walmart was unbearable and I couldn’t stay any longer than a few minutes before I started feeling the chaos and insensitivities of other people and became irritable myself. 

Since I began the Dolphin Attunement Journey, I have noticed a subtle shift and now I am pretty neutral about such interactions. 
Hopefully, once my Attunement Journey is complete I can even look forward to enjoying group interactions.

In fact, that objective was one of the reasons I decided to get the Attunements, because the journey also changed Linda in the same way.

~ Ann Ngo, Virginia USA

I can't wait for my next Attunement and love seeing the changes taking place in my life. 

I must admit there was a time when I was a bit apprehensive.
But just feeling and seeing the beauty is by itself changing me.

Even my husband can see it, and from saying "no need to keep spending so much money" he is now saying, "do it!, do it!" LOL 

~ O.L., Canada

So many shifts and lots of new perspectives are emerging since my last Attunement.

The piece that I am realizing right now is how important laughter and play are to my very survival, and with every fiber of my being I am inviting more into my life.

One side of me tends to be a bit serious, happy, look on the bright side, but serious and though I like that strength, being joy is more what I am interested in right now. 

~ J.L., Canada

I AM so grateful for this attunement. 

I received the deep en-coding that "I AM worthy."

I AM worthy of all the abundance in all the myriad forms abundance can take. 
And I need not "entertain" old beliefs in my shadow self of feeling "unworthy" ever again. 

I got from Dolphin and Whale ... I AM ~ Worthy. 
They wanted the “I AM” to be capitalized and the “I AM” to stand out as its own statement for myself as well.

Oh my goodness ... here we go … where we go nobody knows. :)

~ Bart Zimmerman, Texas USA

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