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First Dolphin Attunement

Upcoming First Dolphin Attunement Transmissions:

Saturday March 2, 2019 ~ 9 am Pacific Time *
Saturday April 6, 2019 ~ 9am Pacific Time *
Saturday May 4, 2019 ~ 9am Pacific Time *
*click the link to see the time in your local time zone

First Dolphin Attunements are usually scheduled on Saturdays.
We ask that you register for your First Dolphin Attunement by the Wednesday before the Saturday when that transmission takes place, so we'll have time to get the preparation materials to you before the transmission.
(Although we've been known to bend this rule for enthusiastic last-minute dolphin podmates :-)  )

Step 1: Make your payment.

The price for the First Dolphin Attunement is $222.

Use the button below to pay online (with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account).
You can also call us at 855-DLFNLUV (855-353-6588, toll-free) or 928-852-3788 to pay with your credit or debit card. 

Your First Dolphin Attunement!
Select Your First Attunement Date:

Step 2: Complete the Registration Form.

Please download the Registration Form, fill in the requested information, and email it to us (our address: info at 
The registration form is available as a Microsoft Word document (.DOC)
If you don't have a program that can work with Word files, you can also download the registration form as a PDF or TXT file.  

Step 3: Prepare for your First Dolphin Attunement!

Once we've received your payment, you'll receive a series of emails with all the information you need to prepare for your First Dolphin Attunement. 
The first one will include download instructions for the
Opening to Dolphin Energy MP3 files - 
our free gift to you!
We recommend you listen to these meditations regularly in the days leading up to your Attunement. 

Welcome to the Pod!

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